Trimming…not the Tree

Remember that woman, Bonnie, I met in the grocery store who told me who her hair dresser was?  Well, on Tuesday afternoon, I went to my appointment.  Now let me explain that I am not a snob, never have been, never want to be, if you catch my drift.  As I walked into this salon for the first time, after smiling and saying hello, I sat as all good customers sit.  However it wasn’t long before  I felt so comfortable that I joined in on the conversation.

Meanwhile Megan came over, introduced herself to me and said she’d be right with me.  When I walked in, I felt frumpy.  Do you know what I mean by frumpy.  My hair had grown so much since I last went to Mike.  After all, it had been since September.  (Mike, if you read this, you can imagine what I looked like!)  Anyway, frumpy is the only way I can describe it.

Megan began with the typical wash and comb out.  We decided short was the look.  Then I watched her whittle away, trimming, notching and shaping.  As I watched myself transform into a look that, as Mike used to say “was me,”  my attitude changed.  No longer frumpy.

All I can say is that I look like Halle Berry…except of course, she’s just a tad prettier…not by much though!  Personally, I think it's her earrings!  I think I'll look for a pair like those!

Oh, one more thing, I made my next appointment with Megan!!
She’s a keeper!


Retired Knitter said…
Oh yes, finding some one good to cut hair is important and when they are found - you never let them go.
If your haircut makes you look like Halle Berry, I think I need an appointment with Megan, too!!!!
It's great you found a good place. I haven't had a haircut since May :-(
Texan said…
Nothing like getting the hair thing done to perk a gal up!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you found a good hairdresser....all important.....
You got lucky! It's hard to find a good hair dresser, ESPECIALLY when it comes to short hair!
barbara l. hale said…
It's great finding a good hairdresser when you move to a "new" place. Glad you did!
Chatty Crone said…
You will not believe - that is the same picture I brought in to my lady.

Now if you look as good as her - your are beautiful.

I however don't look that good!

A good haircut always works wonders. I'm glad you found a good hairdresser.
Isn't it wonderful to find a hairdresser that you love. I'd rather look for a new doctor than a new hairdresser.
MadSnapper said…
hubby has been cutting my hair for 25 of our 27 years together. i wear my hair short JUST LIKE you and Haile, I might be a tad prettier HA HA. any way i would find a beautician that did my hair like i wanted it and a few onths later she would move on. i would come home and cry each time i went to a new one. hubby said let me cut it, i used to cut my sons hair because he would not sit in a barber chair, his son is Autistic. and hear i am now living with my own barber.

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