Once she hears the coffee maker, she's up and out of her bed...I mean condo...and on the deck outside the dining room...waiting.  So as the coffee brews, I head in that direction, knowing just what to expect.  I know what's coming.  Kisses and a little chatter will be all mine once I open the door and stoop down.

  Meanwhile, the boy (aka Copper) is still out like a light tucked snugly away in his condo.  After all, he has a dog door to help keep out the chill.  Generally he doesn't budge until I come out with their breakfast.  Then he's ready to play!


...And your day begins! :-)
The dogs live outside year round? I'd love to see the condo... my Dane can't live out in the elements because of his short thin coat, but I'd like to build something for him for the cold days when he is out for a little while.
haha...copper, sleeping in...in his condo!!

nothing like doggie kisses to start the day!

NICE moon shot! :)
MadSnapper said…
a beautiful beautiful sight to see out your door. so precious, she made me smile. Jake gets 2 small milk bones DIPPED in my first cup of coffee. spoiled rotten for sure. you are still in my reader so i assume we are safe now.
Anonymous said…
Nothing like starting the day out with some unconditional love.
Livie says, "Oooh, she's hungry . . . and cute!" Haha! We love dogs in our house! :)
dr momi said…
I love it when dogs "talk"! They love their pack.
Inger said…
How sweet it is to begin your day with a doggie kiss.
What would we do without good morning and good night doggie kisses!

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