What a Welcome!

The Prez was in VA loading up the trailer with the last of the stuff from the garage.  We had decided what would come last and remain on the trailer until we build a second garage.  Anyway, I went into town so I could register to vote at Town Hall.

Using the GPS to help me find the way was the easy part.  As I pulled up to the building I noticed that Town Hall was located on a one way street.  I rolled down my window after coming to a stop near a Bus Stop and asked two women if I could park in the lot behind them.  They assured me I could as it belonged to a restaurant that doesn't open until late afternoon.

I parked and walked through the lot crossing the one way street and entered Town Hall.  Following the signs to find the Registrar went seamlessly as did the registration process.  Then I figured as long as I was there, I would find out what was needed to get the dogs licensed here in CT.  Those folks were as sweet as could be.  Yep.  I think I'm going to like it here.  Everyone I've met has been nice...really nice...very down to earth.

I crossed the street and walked over to my car.  I was driving the Mini.  As I approached though I noticed that my license plate was crinkled.  Looking more closely I also saw that the license plate frame was bent and that there were two small dents, one on each side of the plate.  Someone had hit my car while I was in Town Hall!!  Did they leave their name, address and insurance information?  Absolutely not!!!  Welcome to CT, I thought, what a welcome!


How frustrating! A few weeks ago I met my mom and grandmother in Salem for lunch at Macado's. I parallel parked on Main St. and when I came out, someone had hit my minivan and left a huge (1 foot long) dent in the back. I felt so sad that people would do something like this and not be accountable :-(
Anonymous said…
Things are the same all over.
TexWisGirl said…
at least it was only the license plate!
Nancy C said…
Oh boo! Reminds me that my beloved F150 was keyed not a week off of the new car lot. Such is life! Glad it wasn't worse. :(
MadSnapper said…
I do hope the license plate was the only thing bent. that is an oh no moment.
Inger said…
I'm glad the rest of the things you had to do went OK. I am also so happy that Moon recovered. Too bad someone had to ruin your feelings of welcome at the end of the day.
Angela said…
I think it's just that time of year JP. I'm always afraid to go shopping or anywhere during the Christmas rush. People are just crazy this time of year!

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