Window of Opportunity

I've decided that the world is just that...a window of opportunity!

Late in the afternoon when the sun is going down, it gives me much pleasure as it hovers among the tree tops outside the living room window.  Our builder placed this house perfectly.  In fact, although I tried to get a picture of it, there is a pond that can just barely seen through the tall pines.

In this picture, the pond can be seen right above the first layer of green.  However, since I wanted you to get a better idea, the kids and I took a walk the other day.  Of course, Moon and Copper are not used to traffic which posed a slight problem when we went to cross the road to get our pictures.  I definitely have to work on that with them (for now we won't go there)! 

I know I told you somewhere along the line that the geese fly over the house twice a day but I'm not yet sure if this pond is where they're going or if it's the dam that's about a mile away.  When I met Mary Ellen and Butch, they told me how they go down to the dam and see American Bald eagles each spring.  I can't wait for that adventure!  Meanwhile, I want to follow the geese.  Gosh, I wish I could fly!


BetteG said…
What dam to see the eagles? What time of day is best? Let's go! As you know I am so into bird/eagle watching!
Looks like such a beautiful place. Seeing an eagle would be unbelievable!
Beautiful photo's! I thought you were suppose to be baking cookies!
TexWisGirl said…
i love that you've got some places to explore. just be safe!
Gail said…
Enjoy the beauty.
MadSnapper said…
love love love the window of opportunity. still working on getting you to update.
Bee Lady said…
well I cannot wait for you to take pics of those eagles and post them!
I had a huge hawk in my back yard today. Stayed there for about two hours, then finally got a little snack and left.

Cindy Bee
...looks beautiful! eagles would be an awesome sighting!

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