Trust me, I want to be excited over the fact that we had snow here the other day.

I want to be excited over the fact that it is snowing today too.

However, I am not. 

My daughter has been in the hospital since Wednesday.

The great news is...she will be fine.  For that I am,once again, grateful.

...:)  JP


I'm so sorry to hear your daughter has been ill. I hope she gets to come home soon and is feeling much better!
Retired Knitter said…
Sorry to hear about your daughter. That must be so difficult. But glad she will be alright!

We need our daughters!
MorningAJ said…
Glad she's going to be OK.
I can't get excited about snow at any time, personally. I hate the stuff.
So happy to hear your daughter is going to be fine. Now you can get excited over all that awful snow if you want. Better you than me.
How stressful! I'm glad she'll be okay.
TexWisGirl said…
safe travels to you to go see her! glad she will be okay!
I'm sorry that your daughter has been in the hospital, I hope and pray that she will be home soon.
barbara l. hale said…
Hope your daughter continues to improve.
dr momi said…
.....I don't like snow any time
:-) Glad to hear your daughter will be OK.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear...hope your daughter continues to improve.
Angela said…
I'll say it out loud and admit it... I'm a little jealous that you have snow and we don't! I mean, hey, it's almost the end of January and we haven't gotten a good mule ride sleigh riding snow! What's up with that? But I understand what an inconvenience snow can be when you want to go somewhere without having any problems. Hope your daughter is felling better. I also hope that you are feeling better too!
Nancy C said…
Relieved that your daughter is getting better. Hope it is/was nothing serious.

Now to get you healed up! So happy to see you at my "place" today! :)
Chatty Crone said…
Gosh JP it is a good thing that you moved up there when you did - you were needed. sandie
I'm glad that your daughter is going to be okay, and I hope YOU are too!! Take care!!
oh no...so sorry to hear about your daughter...but happy to hear she will be fine!
i'm sure those few days when you didn't know what was going on...were days of tension & stress overload!!

whew! at least it's ended with a sigh of relief!
MadSnapper said…
i am late reading this, sorry to hear she is in the hospital and hope maybe she is home by now.
So sorry to hear your daughter was in the hospital. Such a worry. I'm glad she's getting better, though.

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