Reading my horoscope yesterday it said:

"Instead of weighing you down, challenges tend to stimulate you.  You take both pride and pleasure engaging in what needs to be done and doing it well,"

Yep...that's me as I wait patiently for the Prez to arrive back from his trip to Virginia. 

...:)  JP


MorningAJ said…
Can I borrow you to do 'what needs to be done' in my house, please?
Anonymous said…
just as long as you are taking it easy on that bad leg.
When your done with your house, you're welcome to come help with mine!
Inger said…
Me too, me too, I need help here!
TexWisGirl said…
and your batteries built like the energizer bunny don't hurt either! :)
MadSnapper said…
i do not like challenges and don't do well, wonder what mine said. now i have you and 2 others that will not show in my reader. and i keep missing all 3 of you. i followed 4 new ones in the past 2 weeks and they all show up, but you and Aunty Sez and another one, refuse to populate in the reader. makes me crazy
i'm so far behind...what else is new///

i need to read farther back i think...
your leg??

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