Keeping A Good Man Down

I've been avoiding this topic for quite a while now but I feel it's time for me to bring it up.  Before I left Virginia, I had somehow injured a tendon behind my left knee.  It KICKED, if you know what I mean.  I could no longer stoop down and get up with my usual bounce.  And who the heck had time to nurse an injury?   

We arrived here, unpacked, put all our crap treasures away, and decorated inside and out.  I still couldn't put a lot of weight on that knee and couldn't get my heel to touch my butt unless I felt excruciating pain.  Before I know it we had a Christening, then Thanksgiving, then it was time to decorate for Christmas, inside and out (yes, with those damn swags that I really do love!!), then it was the little one's birthday.  During that whole time I was making a zillion cookies and was on my feet all day.  Well, sad to say, but I guess with all that walking and being on my feet twelve to fifteen hours a day, I injured my something again.

Meanwhile, the Prez who had gone to cut some of the trees in his Mom's yard right before Thanksgiving, caught her cold.  Well, you know men and how they are when they get sick.  And so it was.  The Prez remained in the house, in his chair, in his sweats, taking heed whenever I told him to take his medicine.  Whatever he caught lasted three weeks and then he was back to normal.

Now bear in mind that in the midst of all of the above, I joined the gym and exercised at least twice a week every week, in addition to walking our small gravel road each morning with the dogs because I thought after doing my morning stretches that the walk would limber me up a tad.  WRONG.

  Yep, I guess I over did it because I Christmas Eve, when I picked up Tess (the second to the youngest grand daughter) I felt this small "pop" in my left glut.  But, it wasn't until about a half hour later, while I standing chatting with the Prez' ex, that I got this horrible burning sensation on my outer thigh that made me want to cry.  Drawing in a deep breath, I slowly walked around the front of the sofa and motioned the girls to push over.  I sat smiling and nodding and never uttered a word to anyone, including the Prez.  I mean...come on...who wants to ruin any one's Christmas????

I made it through the rest of the evening visiting at my daughter's (looking like Hallie Berry, of course!) and before long it was time to head home.  However, rather than climbing in the Prez' Dodge diesel, I climbed in the Wrangler, which we had picked up early that afternoon from my son, who had borrowed it while his car was in the shop.  I followed the Prez home and with each and every clutch movement, I grimaced.  I hit the sheets as soon as we got home and then rested for nearly two full days after Christmas and was finally able to walk around without grimacing and wincing in pain. 

I skipped the gym the week after Christmas...intentionally.  But then more frivolity was on the horizon as it was my birthday Wednesday, the 28th.  You what I got from Mother Nature...a whole tree on the roof!    We always made a good team, I thought, working side by side with the Prez.  We had started right after breakfast and didn't stop until 2:30pm until my BIL and SIL left.  Meanwhile whatever I had injured was once again killing me as I dragged branches and lifted pieces of the trunk, dragging it away from the house.

At first I thought my injury was muscular but as the days passed, I began to think about a pinched nerve...sciatic.  Now I'm leaning towards an injury to my iliotibial band which apparently runs from the upper thigh down to the lower leg (of course, that a self dianosis).  However, after treating the pain with RICE (rest, ice, compression & elevation) and focusing on stretches and exercises to rebound, I have felt an improvement.

And so the morning of the 2nd, I felt good enough to walk the road with the kids.  WRONG.  Oh, I made it down and back and have been walking around doing laundry, which requires stair climbing and a few other things.  I WILL HEAL...I just have to do what the Prez does...stay put and cool it in order to rebound.

I do not do drugs other than Aleve.  I have had bad experiences with pain medications and muscle relaxers so I, my friends, am laying low while the Prez was in Virginia.  I am applying Arniflora Arnica Gel and the Eco Natural Arthritis Joint Relief Balm frequently.  After all, there are a lot of gravel roads for me to climb!

Yep...there's a lesson here:
It's hard to keep a good man down...let alone when it's yourself!


Mary said…
Oh, JP! I'm so sorry about this string of bad stuff. A tree on the roof?

Hoping you feel better soon and Happy Belated Birthday! xoxo
Retired Knitter said…
ahh ... have you considered having a doctor look at that injury? It might just be time.
MadSnapper said…
if this happened to me, i would get off it and let it heal. i had a similar thing happen to my outside of my knee, not the knee the side of it and it took a year for it to heal. don't think it will heal if you keep pushing it.
Anonymous said…
It's even harder to keep a good woman down (even when she should STAY down for a few days). Arnica is good stuff. Do you have some of the under the tongue pellets as well? I swear by the stuff. Hope it heals up for you shortly.
MorningAJ said…
Ouch! Give yourself some rest and they say cod liver oil is good for the joints.
Feel better! Doesn't sound like fun. I use Arnica gel too.. it does help.
TexWisGirl said…
oh lordy! good luck! my hubby likes the arnica.
JP, I know way too much about IT band injuries. If it's really IT, you need to go pick up a foam roller and start rolling it out. You can buy these at places like Dick's Sporting Goods - they run around $30. You can google it and watch You tubes on how to roll it, but basically you start just above the knee lying on your side and roll across the roller all the way up to your hip. When you first get started, this will hurt, and may even bruise. But it's the best way to get at it - stretching the IT band isn't nearly as effective as rolling it out. Hope you feel better!!
Texan said…
Arnica is good stuff, take your own advice and try to notch it down a bit while this heals girly :O).
Chatty Crone said…
Slow down - it is hard to move into a new house - so many things to do - but you will have a long time after to fix things up. Get well. sandie
Angela said…
Oh JP I hate to hear that you are hurting like that! I have sciatica in both legs that came on 15 years ago when I was pregnant and never went away. It is something I've learned to live with and really keeps me from enjoying life the way I should be. I wish you would go to a doctor just to get a right diagnosis of what's wrong so you can treat it with the right type of therapy. I don't take anything stronger than Advil so I understand that.

Hope you get better soon!
sounds like sciatica if you feel it in your butt...and running down your leg...

stretches!!! keep stretching!!
and haven't you mentioned this problem before?? the sciatica?? it's not unusual for it to return...

i hope you get some relief soon... :(

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