Lean on Me

While the Prez went to visit his Mom and then to give our son a hand fixing his garage door cables, I had to remain home AGAIN!  However, I was actually able to sit up for a while
...as long as I lean to the right!!!!  There may be hope after all!

This is how I feel when I sit...like the Leaning Tower of Pisa! 

Writing this dumb post, I was undecided as to what to title it:  Lean on Me or Tilted...LOL!

P.S.  I really am grateful that I was able to "make a lap" even if it was only for a little while.  You should be too!


I hope you start improving more soon! ouch!
JP, glad you are feeling a bit better, at least I do hope that you and hurrah on making a lap!
Gail said…
Glad you are improving...keep up the good work.
MadSnapper said…
i am a day late on this one, you are already UP
Betty said…
I think that's promising news!

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