Let's Get Excited!!

I wanted you to know that:

I can now go up/down the stairs using BOTH legs...ta~da;
I took NO Aleve last night or this morning...ta~da;
I am now standing making what will be lunch...ta~da;
I've been walking around the house wearing my sneaks (hanks to Angela for that) since 6:30...ta~da
And, like a good little "doo-bee" I did my suggested stretches several times yesterday and once this morning (thanks to Laura & Angela) ...ta~da

Thank God for the simple things in your life.

...:)  JP


Texan said…
Hang tight sounds like your on the mend!
Anonymous said…
Thank goodness...you must be so relieved.
Jill said…
So glad you are feeling better!!! I have just read about your troubles. I can't imagine how painful that must be. You are right!!! Thank God for the simple things. I hope you continue to heal and are back to walking your drive with the dogs again soon!!!
Yay! I hope you continue to recover (with no setbacks)!
Inger said…
How great is that!
Are you drinking again? Whatever, I'm glad you are better. Don't over do it.
MorningAJ said…
That's good news.
Crow said…
Standing ovation!


I am tad stiff today myself.

Seriously, take it slow. Healing takes time.
MadSnapper said…
this is super duper good news! so happy for you
Chatty Crone said…
Y E A H !
It is no fun not being able to move. Glad you are feeling better.

Angela said…
I'm so glad that some of my suggestions are helping! I know the tennis shoes make a big difference for me. And the exercises help a lot too. Try not to over do it though. Set backs are just as bad and sometimes worse than the original pain.
Hi JP, glad to read you are doing better at getting around with no pain. Be sure to take it easy as others have recommended cause you don't want to do too much all at once.

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