"Oh, Honey," he exclaimed

...come look at the deer.  Quick!  Come see this!"  To tell you the truth,  I really wasn't expecting anything but plain old deer although they are larger here than in Virginia.

Watching them cross through the woods thick with pricker bushes, they walked in single file.  The Prez had already asked me where my camera was, heading down the stairs to get it before it was too late. 

There it was...a young piebald doe.  She was so difficult to photograph though.  She remained hidden behind the trees and brush longer than any of the others that accompanied her.

She looks like a little cow, doesn't she?
I wonder if she kicks like Willow over at Glenda's.


gld said…
I have never seen one of those.
Willow isn't kicking these days since I have her confined in a milking stanchion! Makes milking so much more relaxed.

We saw 8 deer on the farm recently; one with a huge rack. Of course, no camera with me at the time.
I have never heard of one of these!.. Beautiful!!.. that must be very rare.
Wow! I'm so glad you got a glimpse of her. I've never seen one of those, either.
Jane said…
Also never seen one of these,so glad you got the pic,very pretty! Blessings Jane
Anonymous said…
Isn't she pretty?
Angela said…
That's amazing! I've never seen one marked like that. I have seen an all white deer here in West Virginia about 10 years ago and never seen it again. I wish I had a camera with me at that time.
Gail said…
What kind of deer do you have, White Tail or Mule? I couldn't remember tell except this one is cetainly beautiful.
How unusual - not sure I've ever seen a piebald deer!

Glad you're improving w/ the sciatica!
MadSnapper said…
I have never seen or even heard of one of these. so beautiful
dr momi said…
So neat to get a picture of her!
I thought it was a skunk at first! Amazing! Never, ever seen one like her before. Lucky you!

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