The Plan...Compression

The plan was simple. Go to the linen closet, find the shoe box where I put all the aces bandages and wrap my thigh.  My thought was that if it was kept snug, I wouldn't feel as much pressure when I placed weight on my leg.  It felt like it was literally tearing...ripping apart on my thigh and outer leg.  Now obviously, I couldn't wrap my outer hip because, lets face it, kids, I don't think they make a bandage THAT big!  However, keeping compression on the thigh, knee and lower leg surely would help.

And so I wrapped.  I wrapped one ace around the lower leg to support the outer calf.  Then I threw on my knee support to assist the ligaments and tendons behind it.  The last and longest ace was used to wrap my thigh.  Did I ever tell you that one of my best friends used to call me "thunder thighs" or "boulder hips?"  That's another story.

So after all that wrapping it felt better.  And it took me a long time to wrap, I might add.  I am NOT a small girl.  Although one quarter of me resembled a mummy, it felt better that whole day.  Unwrapping myself before I went to bed that night, I hoped that it worked.  It was like a miracle because next day I didn't wrap as there was minimal pain in the morning as I made my coffee, showered, dressed and went outside with the kids.  I did take two Aleve.  Telling my son that I was walking around with hardly any pain, I was sure I was on the mend.  Then later that day, after walking nearly all day doing some tidying up, laundry, taking down the Christmas tree, it hit me.  I went to sit on the couch to catch the evening news with the Prez and was back.  I can only surmise that the Aleve had tackled the pain all day.  Up until now, I haven't taken anything other than use my Arnica gel. 

The next day, I felt drastic measures were needed because all the ace bandages and wraps were drying on the rack in the laundry room.  My substitute?

Let's hope they do the trick.  C'mon, they're Control Top!!!


Anonymous said…
You are from the "tough school' of "it feels a little better, let's get going". Just once..okay....give yourself a few days of right off your feet as much as possible. Give it a chance to heal. I know it's hard to resist that "I'll just get up and do....", but try. Until you give yourself a chance to heal you will just keep reinjuring yourself to the point where you will (are you ready for this?) NEVER heal. I speak from experience.
MadSnapper said…
have you been to a doctor? did i miss where you went? i do know that wrapping helps, in 2009 my right leg from just above the back of the knee down to just below the knee and the side of the knee was doing what yours is doing. went to doc said saw nothing, i wrapped it when i was up and about and it took 9 months to heal. but it did heal. mine was easier to wrap though sine it was the middle of the leg. i even had to stop doing the gym and do the pool only at the gym. hope the hose work and it heals quickly
Inger said…
I'm with Sandra, have you been to the doctor? I missed some blogs recently and now I wonder about that. Ace bandages help me a lot when my diabetes gives me leg cramps, so I know they can be good, but still. Something needs to be done here. Professionally, I mean. Or so it seems to me. Hope you will get better soon.
TexWisGirl said…
ha ha! doubt it!

i agree - you should see a doc about this!
Do you have a thick skull or what! We are all telling you to go to the doctor. What part of that are you not understanding. Get the Prez to explain it to you. Get well soon.
Betty said…
Oh's time to buy more ace bandages so you can switch them out.

The way I feel some days I probably need to wrap my entire body. :)
Chatty Crone said…
Why aren't you going to the doctor??? sandie
everyone says go to the Dr.
personally i try to avoid them as much as possible.
if it's a tear in the muscle...a pinched nerve...the Dr won't do anything anyway. you know...follow your gut.
if wrapping helps...and it should...compress, take the pressure off...the get a couple of good ace bandages...or even the kind that wraps the thigh and velcro's...keep it on there during the day when you walk.
but...if the pain is SO intense like you say....and it hasn't stopped...stays intense...then...just possibly...a visit to the clinic might be in order... ??
JP, since you have already read the previous posts about seeing a dr. I won't repeat that suggestion. Laura made a good point that sometimes even a dr can't "cure" a pinched nerve. But the best point made by so many who commented is that you give yourself time to fulle heal, which is hard and does take time...sometimes lots of time.

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