What Goes Around

Ouch!  When Lisa, Two Bears Farm, told me that to help my iliotibial band, if that is indeed what I injured, I should use a foam roller, I planned on taking her advice.  I mean, after all, she is the epitome of being physically fit and, as you know, an avid runner.

Anyway, she texted me saying that she had bought a new roller for her own IT injury last year and that I could have the Prez stop by and get her gently used one.  Arrangements were made.

Calling the Prez last night, I asked him to write himself a note so he could stop by and pick it up from Lisa's mailbox in the morning when he left to come home. 

Now with this picture you can see the Prez made it safely home with my new IT Band Foam Roller. 

Oh...one more thing.  Baby Girl (aka Lisa), you were right!  It hurts!
No, the words "it hurts" cannot describe the pain.  I wanted to cry there on the floor and the next day, it seemed worse. 
Resuming simple stretches instead eased the pain and I continued to baby myself.  With the Prez home, I would be having his infamous chicken soup to alleviate my cold.  This is beginning to sound so pitiful so I'll leave you with this:
When both extremities are not working properly, IT SUCKS!

...:)  JP


Anonymous said…
That thing looks like a medieval torture device.
What are you doing to yourself! Don't worry chicken soup cures everything. Thank goodness for the Prez. Take it easy.
Ouch! Lisa's right - the foam roller hurts, but helps!
TexWisGirl said…
great, a 'gift' that tortures...
Angela said…
I hope you get better soon JP!
You can ice after you use it - that may help. Although if it seems worse, it may be that you have something other than IT band issues. Sciatica comes to mind as a possibility based on your description. My IT usually hurts when I am using it, and leaves me achy (and sometimes bruised) afterwards but looser.

One way to tell if it's sciatica instead is if you lay on your back with your knees bent 90* and supported by a chair, and the pain goes away, that may be an indication.

Hope you feel better, on all fronts, soon!
Hi JP, I won't give you advice on what to use but Grenville actually uses a small rolling pin to roll his leg when the tissue there cramps up. This was the recommendation of his chiropractor. He does stretching exercises for his back and has been going to the local "Y." But when he misses a few days he notices the difference. Hope you find some relief soon from the pain. Chicken soup sounds wonderful and I plan to be making a pot when we're back home.
Chatty Crone said…
Oh my goodness I hope your IT band is feeling better as I am late in reading this - sorry. sandie
MadSnapper said…
poor baby, you, not Lisa... be careful, and don't push to hard on that roller. hope you are better soon.
if the pain started in your butt...it might be sciatica...which runs down the leg.

keep stretching...cross affected leg across your body & pull across & up...do it lying down, sitting up...if you feel it in your butt...this may sound silly...but lie on a tennis ball...placed right there, in the glute...and press down on it till you FEEL it...then stretch....

what...a...pain...in the...ASS!

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