Dreams Can Come True

Waking from a crazy dream, I realized I had to get up and hit the bathroom.  However, as I passed the door I noticed how light it was outside.  Odd, I thought, considering it was only 4:30am.  And there it was...finally...a winter wonderland had arrived, today...February 24th, 20121

Perhaps even Mother Nature was happy to see we finally placed the old stars on the new house!
What was so odd about this was that in the dream I'd had, I was looking at my snow covered Mini  parked in a snow covered, icy parking lot before I asked "Who parked my car over there?"
But now the weirdness didn't matter.
What mattered was...
that we finally got snow...
and I couldn't wait until Moon and Copper woke up so we could go out and play in it!

Of course, frist, Copper had to make wood chips out of his stick...becasue I was busy playing with Moon.
Yep, he gets jealous.


MorningAJ said…
I'm glad your dream came true - though I can't imagine being happy that snow arrives. I'm just so pleased that we don't look like we're going to have any more this year!
maybe you can send some of that white stuff this way...a freak snow storm in FL would be too cool!! literally!
Anonymous said…
You have lovely views from your windows. Glad you got your snow.
TexWisGirl said…
hurray for a touch of winter!
Tracy said…
So glad you got your touch of winter...it is beautiful!
Unknown said…
I just can't get over how much your Copper and our Buddy resemble each other!
What a nice way to start to the day!! I hope the rest of your day has been an enjoyable one!!

By the way, I love your stars!!
Ann said…
Well it looks really pretty laying in your yard. I think I'll try and dream about sunshine and sandy beaches tonight and see what happens in the morning :)
Mary said…
The snow really sets off your house nicely. Very pretty! :)
Sadly we missed getting any snow this week, so can we arrange a trade? We've had downpours all day and tonight even some thunder and lightning. I'll take snow anyway!

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