Handy Man

The loud crashing noise echoed throughout the whole house. On the couch watching NCIS and playing Angry Birds, I said, "Honey?"  No answer.  Not a sound. NOTHING....no response....total silence, which to tell you the truth, seemed just as loud as the ominous as the crashing. Once again, "Honey" followed by "are you alright?"

Seeming to take forever, the response was slow and deliberate but it was the Prez' voice. "What?"

Then I heard the all too familiar sound of tools.  As the bit of the drill tore into what sounded like a wall, I decided that I'd better go see exactly what the Prez was doing.

He'd drilled a hole directly above the shower, inserted a molly, then the screw...the screw on which to hang the shower caddy.  I was wondering how long it would take him to do that.  Since we moving here in October, the damn thing has come unstuck at least ten times using the suction cups it came with! 

Nice to have my handy~man!


Ours is hung up that way too!

Check your email :-)
Very nice indeed! I find those kind of suction cups never work on a slippery surface so I'm not sure why they are designed like that in the first place.
MorningAJ said…
Do you loan him out sometimes?
Might be handy....
Empty Nester said…
I've got a handy man too. But getting him to do something OR complete a project is nearly impossible! Drives me nuts. Especially when he is so dang good at doing so many things. Those suction cups NEVER work, do they?
MadSnapper said…
send him down here, i have suction cups and they don't work
Angela said…
That's why I've never bought one because I knew it wouldn't hold with the suction cups. After seeing what your hand man the Prez did gave me an idea! I'd like a shelf at the top of the tub on the other side of where the shower is! Now that would be great and hold lots of different things. We use different shampoos and even different soap. I used to have a problem with a boy who would empty entire bottles when he was younger and that would had been great to have back then! lol
Ann said…
I should show this to my husband since our shower caddy is always coming off those darn suction cups.
Cloudia said…
YaY ! Good going Handy- Guy

Warm Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

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When I hear that sound, I know it's not good--For 30 years I've been saying I need to get a 'handy man.' But my husband reminds me that he has a 'handy lady' so at least he got what he wanted! :-))
Mary said…
Those suction cups never stay stuck -- this is a handy solution. :)
Chatty Crone said…
At least he thought of it himself and did it! lol sandie
Unknown said…
I spent nearly a year yanking suction cups off walls and windows and tossing them in the trash can after we moved up here.....the trash can in my shop where they got buried under all kinds of junk so the girls wouldn't dig 'em out and put 'em back up. They finally gave up and learned to live with properly installed hooks for hangers. I've been less successful weaning them from duck tape.

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