How Could I Just Stand There?

Oh, moose poops!  I failed to schedule this correctly and I've been preoccupied all weekend so today I have to play catch-up on blogging.

The Prez began working on the Utility Room on Friday beginning with pulling all the "stuff" away from the walls.  Then he began putting up the plywood over the exisitng insulation.  We decided onplywood rather than sheetrock so we could hang things and install shelves easily.  Of course, he had to put in another electrical outlet along the way as well.

Before I knew it one wall was complete and when he called me in to see his work, I was really proud.  Beginning early on Saturday...well early for him...he tackled the next wall.  However, my workbench had to be moved from one end of the room to the opposite side.  I wanted to volunteer to help him lift the formica top which weighs about 60-70lbs so badly.  I mean, after all, I couldn't just stand there and NOT help, could I?


You had me at moose poops.
Anonymous said…
Sure you could.
gld said…
Don't tell me you injured yourself!

I would have helped too!
From and Ozark Farm Chick who's blog is Cow Patty Suprise, I was captured at 'moose poops' sister!!! Heeehehehe!!!

Sounds like ya'll are gettin' the utility room of your dreams. Woohoo!!!

Ya are takin' pics of the finished product...right???

God bless ya from the sunny hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!! :o)
TexWisGirl said…
i am dreading the rest of this story...
Inger said…
I love the moose poops, that's a new one for me.
Retired Knitter said…
Moose poops?

I like it.

I am going to start using that instead of "sh*t on a stick."

Hey darlin', I just wanted to thank you for visitin' with your sweet comment and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya enjoy the ride.

I just put up another was unfinished and it was embarrassin'. I'm editin' it off the post. Silly me.

God bless and in the word of that wacky old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now, ya hear!!!"
Ann said…
moose poops cracked me up. I sure hope that we aren't going to hear that you helped him lift the counter and your hurt yourself
Unknown said…
Now listen here, young lady; I injure myself enough to cover all the bloggers I know so you just go ahead and let the Prez do the lifting. Don't tell me you've already hurt yourself. Are we gonna have to send you out to cut a switch?
But of course not! :)
Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!
A laundry room? How wonderful. I have to do my laundry in the GARAGE!! THE GARAGE!! Grrrrrrr
But then again..I HAVE a place to wash and dry my clothes that is clean if a bit cold in Winter. :) have a real laundry nice!!
Mary said…
You didn't... did you? :)
Cloudia said…
exciting to fix up your place

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

>< } } ( ° >
Gail said…
I envy your handy man.

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