In the Dark

The 31st would have been my 42nd wedding anniversary...had I remained married to Husband No.1.  Yes, we've had our differences in the beginning as well as throughout the years.  However, now that we are in our sixties, we are able to tolerate each other a little bit more.

In fact, my most recent conversation with "him" was when our daughter was in the hospital.  He doesn't do hospitals, medications, etc very well so when our son asked me to call him to explain what was going on with our daughter, I was not looking forward to the experience.  However, there are things you simple do because you have to.

Speaking of doing things because you have to...

I reverted back to a "pop up window" for comments.  Someone told me that using the embedded option causes problems even though using the embedded option allowed me to answer back?? Yes/No?

Next, can anyone out there give me a quick synopsis of Google +?  When I go out there and that click "+1" thingy and leave a comment is it only posted on that "stream" page?  I thought it was going to the blogs!!

Is Google Reader going away?  If not, how can I leave comments on the blogs I'm following, because ti doesn't let me.

I hate being in the dark....:(



OMG, I'm drowning, too! This technology stuff drives me round the bend. (Almost as much as ex-husbands!)
MorningAJ said…
Wish I could help. I'm just pleased to say that my posting problems lasted only a few days and I seem to be back to normal. I can't explain why though!

Good luck.
Anonymous said…
I too reverted back to the original comment format which seemed to solve the problem for everyone. Ah the mysteries of the computer.
gld said…
Age mellows all of us!
The only good thing about it I can think of right now.

I try never to change anything on the computer so I won't get lost in all the new stuff. As it is, I just barely find my way through what I am currently doing.
MadSnapper said…
i hope google reader is here to stay and that they will make it so we can comment, i use it for all my comments, you have to click on the link post title to comment. i like it because it tracks who i have commented on. dont know about the google plus. and pop up window is the best, it is so hard to comment on embedded and the reply thing is something i would neer use because i don't go back to see what the answer is, i comment each day and do not go back to see if someone replied.
Jill said…
Not sure what is going on with Google. I am sure that they are trying to make things bigger and better...only that makes it more difficult for the majority of us. I have had trouble posting comments on blogs and also have been told that folks have trouble posting on mine. Not sure what is going on.
TexWisGirl said…
i had to switch from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome in order to load some blogs and comment after they had switched to that 'embed below post' thing, so yes, it can cause problems.

as for google reader, i use it for all of my reading list, but i have to load each blog in order to leave comments.

i've been on G+ for a while, but don't go out there much. spend too much time on the computer as it is. don't need to be surfing any more streams!
Wish I could help, but it's all Greek to me.
Ann said…
I've always disliked the embedded comments and sometimes they can be a problem when trying to leave one.
I personally only respond through my email to comments on my blog. Of course that means that I can only reply to those who have their email visible.
As for the google + thing, I don't get it. It makes no sense to me
Angela said…
I'm not sure what google reader is. I always just login to my blog and from my dashboard I look to see who has posted since I last looked from the blogs I follow. I can see a little bit of the post so I can click on the main link to that post which saves me bandwidth or else I can only look at a few things a day.

My parents divorced when I was 25. They are only been in the same room I'd say twice. My sister's wedding was one and I think a funeral was another. They do not go anywhere where the other one might be!
Mary said…
I would have been married 32 years, JP -- and I haven't spoken to my ex since the divorce over 10 years ago. Weird. But it allows me to keep my sanity.

I'm becoming increasingly uneasy about Google's continued takeover of the "world." I wish they hadn't acquired blogger -- but what can you do?

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