Saving This For...

Hopefully you enjoy Chinese as much as we do and, like you, every once in a while, we don't want leftovers and just don't feel like cooking. We want something different. This time the Prez pulled out the Chinese menu that's in the desk drawer.

Having ordered fried shrimp and fries, I got out the plates and silverware while the Prez went to pick up the order. Walking in the door, he said,"the fella said he put something extra in our order."

As the Prez put his Pork Lo Mein, Pork Fried Rice and white rice on his plate, I pulled out my order of shrimp. Mind you, normally the order consists of 14. Mine had 18! After looking at the huge order of fries, I found the "surprise." It was a full order of Crab Rangoon! YUM!

Of course, the highlight to getting Chinese is the fortune cookie. Somehow they always say positive uplifting things (perhaps that's how I interpret them).  Anyway, I am always excited about my fortune cookie and this time was the first time it really hit home.

I'm saving this one...

Oh, one more thing.  Re~read the fortune.  There's definitely a lesson here.


Ann said…
Chinese food sounds good, wonder if I could talk my husband into it :)
Love the fortune, it is a good one
Anonymous said…
How often we forget to be grateful. Thanks for the reminder.
JP! You ordered shrimp and fries? From the Chinese restaurant? That's just wrong!

Next time try the homestyle bean curd. Mmmmmm.
I have SUCH a hankering for Chinese food... there's this buffet restaurant down the road from us called Mandarin and just thinking about it makes me WEEP.
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It wasn't that great a comment that it needed to be said twice... but c'est la vie.
By the way, the fortune is awesome... but you lost me at the word "fries."
MadSnapper said…
glad to know your new home is close enough for take outs. and i did read the cookie fortune twice just for you
TexWisGirl said…
sounds like they take care of their customers well. :)
I'm with Lisa. What are you thinking, fries and fried shrimp! That's about as Chinese as fried cornbread. haha I do love your fortune cookie.
yum. chinese! i've been having a craving...for quite some time now!

(fortune cookies...a loooong time ago...someone told me to always add IN BED to the end of all fortunes in the cookies. i have never been able to kick that habit!) :)
Angela said…
I love Chinese food but it don't love me... I get sick when I eat out so I am now making my own and I'm fine. I found a you tube video that showed me how to make the rice and I sampled some egg rolls from Sams one day that are even better than the ones in the restaurant.
barbara l. hale said…
I'm with you there. And I like Chinese, too.
I really do love Chinese and the fortune cookies with such good advice as you got, are a great way to end the meal!

I hope you're having a good weekend!!
Chatty Crone said…
Needless to say this is my mantra. sandie
One of the best things about having Chinese food is getting the fortune cookie. While I don't usually eat the cookie, I always look forward to the fortune it contains...this was a good one. Some are not so good.
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