Southern Drawl

No "winter weather advisory" 'round hare, y'all!
They lied.
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Nancy C said…
I guess it's better than nothing? :) Great photo of your dusting.
MadSnapper said…
watch it up there, i sound like this yallll
Tiggeriffic said…
Look out Feb. is not over..Don't put away the shovel yet~!
Have a tiggeriffic day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)
Bee Lady said…
We didn't get much snow but it sure did get cccooold outside. I'm actually enjoying this mild winter after last year. Last year by this time we had 30 inches of snow, total, and this year, only six!
Cindy Bee
TexWisGirl said…
i'm laughing. :)

(nice to see one of your bunnies in its new habitat...)
Ann said…
LOL, I love it. We got more than enough snow over the weekend but still nothing compared to other years
I know, I know!! We've heard, even out here in California..what happened to WINTER this year!
Strange..perhaps a late Winter and Spring will be a snowy one?
Chatty Crone said…
Haha - here too! sandie
Unfortunately they got it right here, and we got nothing. Ripped off again... :-)

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