A Twisted Tale (Part 4)

So how do you tell your children that you have a blood disorder?  How do you tell your children that they might have inherited this dreadful clotting disorder?  How do you tell them that they are at an elevated risk to clot when other outside factors are involved? 

It was hard.  I did it.  I did it and hated it.  I still hate it.

  I never knew my father.  My time with my mother was limited to say the least and I never had any medical records from either of them.  I know not where I got this disorder.  My sister didn't inherit it.  My daughter  inherited it from me.  It is not an easy thing to live with as every little twinge, shooting pain, throbbing pain you think "blood clot."

I have accepted this disorder and it's ramifications.
It's like living with a time bomb inside of you.
You never know when it will be detonated.

But, for my life and those who love me, I am grateful.


Although it stinks to have to worry about it, it's good that you know now, and can be watching for any signs.
Angela said…
Thankfully they caught it in time! I have never heard of blot clotting being a inherited disorder before. Did they do a test to determine if your daughter has it or has she experienced it like you did?
Anonymous said…
Thank goodness you were diagnosed and can keep an eye on it. It must have been very difficult to tell your family.
Gail said…
...and with the knowing, comes some sense of control. At least you know what to look for!
MadSnapper said…
i am playing catch up and just read the past 3 post, and this one. it is exactly what you said, living with a time bomb, i pray for your good health and your children.
gld said…
JP, it is scary news and I admire how you have handled it. Since everyone knows now, they can be better prepared.

You are one strong lady.
MorningAJ said…
At least if you know you can take the meds and try to keep it in check. It's tough to be good all the time and eat what you ought to and not do the things you shouldn't (I'm diabetic - I know!) but it's better than not knowing.
Take care.
TexWisGirl said…
at least you and your daughter are both aware of the disorder. thank goodness it was caught before...
Sally said…
I can only imagine the difficulties involved. I'm saying a prayer for you. (hugs)
Chatty Crone said…
I must have missed it - what is the name of it? I do think having knowledge of it is better than not having knowledge of it. But I wish you didn't have it. HAHA - say that fast 5 times.

Is it Factor 5 Liden?
Ann said…
That must be very scary always wondering if any little pain is a blood clot forming.
Lucky that you know about it though and be on the lookout for it
You always think you have it rough until you hear what others are going through.
My life is pretty much winding down now and my days are precious but I have had a worry free life for the most part and I am so very sorry that you are having to live with such a stressful thing. I have heard very little about what plagues you and it has to be a fearsome thing. With all the medicines, and blood thinners etc. etc. I hope you live a long and wonderful life. I have no doubt you have many who love you. No doubt what so ever!! :)
Sending you a big hug and thank you for stopping by and leaving a warm comment.. :)
Mary said…
My father had a massive history of blood clots in his family and suffered from many scares in his life -- up until he passed in 2007.

I don't seem to carry the trait, but two of my sisters do.

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