Bench Making 101

Pointing to a picture in one of my mail catelogs, I asked, "Honey, could you make this for me?"

"Well, I could" said he.

"Would you?"

Ta~da!!! (coining a phrase from my friend, Annie...:)

He whipped this up in about twenty minutes and told me to let it sit in the Utility Room until the glue dried "good and strong."

Today, it was in the low 80's here and the glue was "good and dry" so I painted it...flat black, of course.  Now I just have to scuff it up a tad with my hand sander and it will look aged...just like me!  Then it will be placed in the hallway downstairs right near the door that leads to the patio.

One more thing.  Because we'd been in the house in Virginia for nearly nine years, all the projects were done.  Here...we are starting over.  I mean...heck...we don't even have a lawn to mow (although we bought a little Toro self propelled number today).  Anyway, today as I painted the bench, the Pres pulled pricker bushes up and placed them in one of our burn piles.

  Meanwhile last night and today I emailed my friend, Mike and one of my bloggers who know just about everything there is to know about goats.  My next endeavor?  I want to borrow someone's goats to help clear our acreage.   I just have to find a few.
 Can you imagine what an awesome adventure that would be?

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Anonymous said…
Nice to have something to keep you interested each day.
TexWisGirl said…
oh, i can only imagine...
Brilliant...we are starting to do a bit of woodwork around here too.
Inger said…
Goats sound like a great idea. I need some too.
Goats! Why didn't I think of that. It would be easier than mowing the grass every 15 minutes.
That Prez is just so handy isn't he. Happy weekend!
dr momi said…
What a nice husband!!
MadSnapper said…
great idea on the bench and i can't wait can't wait to see the goats you borrow
Ann said…
Well how nice that you asked and that bench was done in a flash. I've been asking for a little project to get taken care of for about 6 months now.
The goat project sounds interesting
i tried that...with the clear the land when i lived in plant city.
it sounds good...but they EAT everything in sight...BEFORE they eat the grass & weeds...they will strip the bark from the branches as high as they can reach while standing on their hind legs.

i love 'em...they're cute...
but the males the billy goats are nasty...stinky....

anyway...i ended up having to build a PEN for they even got into the neighbors yard & ate ALL his flowers!! damn!

uh...maybe cows would be better???
Betty said…
So you like CT better than VA? My heart is still in VA even after all these years!

I hear you can get attached to goats. I'd probably want to keep them.

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