The Leisurely Stroll

It was a brisk, sunny day...a perfect day to walk with Moon and Copper.  Since I hadn't been out walking for quite a while, I wanted to take it slow and running, no fast pace walking...just a leisurely stroll with my best friends.

It felt good.  No, I stand corrected.  It felt great...looking up at the blue sky watching the clouds crossing overhead, feeling the breeze.  It was perfect.  But then, as we neared the end of the gravel road, I thought I saw a flash of white through the still barren trees. 

Dismissing it as a car going by, we continued.  But then the flash of white happened again.  It was no car and now it became more clear.  We were nearly roadside by now when the white pitt bull came totally into view.  Glancing down at Moon and Copper's body language, they spotted him too.
Heart racing I spoke loudly and assertively to the "kids"...HOME, pulling on their leashes to do an about face and "home" up the hill.  Heading up the incline I felt the tension  and then felt the pulling on my left leg's muscles and ligaments..something I didn't want to do.  But I didn't care.  We just needed to get back to the yard quickly!  Moon kept looking back over her shoulder as did I.  The dog had now approached the edge of it's yard and was heading onto the paved road.  No oncoming traffic...nothing to distract was heading diagonally across the two lane road toward the gravel road...and us.

With still another 500 feet to go before we got to our driveway, I picked up the pace, pain and all.  I just didn't want that dog to get near us...near me.  I thought I heard someone call out to the pitt, but then again it could have just been the wish I heard so loudly floating around in my mind.

It seemed to take forever to get up that road and to the gate.  Quickly opening it and letting the dogs in first, I turned to see the proximity of the white muscular pit.  Just as it got to the corner edge of our fence, it stopped looking through me within the confines of the fence confines.  Stopping short, it wheeled around and began to trot back down the road toward it's owner calling loudly looking over it's shoulder back at us.

I was scared...scared for me yet more scared for Moon and Copper who, to my knowledge have never been in a fight with another dog!  I was not only afraid that I wouldn't be strong enough to control them but also that I wouldn't be able to control the other dog!

Oh, one more thing.  Unlike Virginia, there is a leash law here in Connecticut.  For that I am grateful.  If I continue to see loose dogs, I will most definitely call the warden.  After all, if my dogs are on leashes, then others should be as well.  Although it sounds as if I am against pit-bulls, I am not.  Copper is part pit-bull.  What I am against is a dog that is not leashed or under control of it's master. 

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Gail said…
Glad there was no test.

Pit bulls are great dogs, as with all, if trained properly.
gld said…
I am automatically afraid of pit bulls; I know I shouldn't be, but I am.

Glad you made it back to safety with your dogs.
Dog owners should be responsible about keepint their pets leashed when there's the possibility of becoming a nuisance to others. I'm also glad you clarified that you are not against pits in general, as I have known many who are wonderful companions and get along with other dogs just fine. The breed gets a bum rap.

Always wise to be cautious with any dog though. Perhaps you can have a talk with your neighbor about keeping their dog leashed when out and about. Your concern is warranted.
Anonymous said…
With you on that one. People are pretty cavalier about laws regarding pets and their control around here too. So glad you got back to your yard in time but it ruined your walk and may have done some damage to your leg. Better ice up.
MadSnapper said…
that is exactly why we don't walk our dogs through our neighborhood. we have leash laws here to and people totally ignore them. that would have scared me to death and i hope you did not aggravate your leg again. in the park where my hubby flies his planes, they have 5 acres of fenced off leash park for dogs. people come and walk past that and let their dogs off to run in the fields where hubby flies. he is always afraid the planes will and and hurt the dogs, also they make him crash his planes if they come running up to him and jump on him because it takes to hands to keep the plane in the air.
EG CameraGirl said…
What a powerful, frightening story! I am so glad you made it home safely. We have leash laws ere too. Most dogs are fine... but a few are NOT! Leashes make us all safer.
TexWisGirl said…
breaking up a dog fight is a very tough thing to do - i've tried to pull apart thelma and louise when they were younger. resulted in an overnight vet stay for thelma. i've taken a stick to beat my own dogs off a young bloodhound visitor here. when you're on the road, i'd say it was impossible without a stick of some sort. maybe you need to carry one (difficult w/ 2 leashes, i know!)
How frightening!! I'm so glad that it turned out okay, and all are safe!! But this is only because you were aware of your surroundings and your dogs listened and did what they were told!! I would call the warden too!!
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you made it back home and no one was hurt. I'll NEVER forget the day Lilly, our golden retriever (and "kid") was attacked on a hike. Both dogs were on leashes, but the other dog's owner couldn't control his dog. The dog got Lilly's face and ear and it was absolutely TERRIBLE! I am seeing so beautiful that you are all safe today!
Ann said…
thank goodness you made it back safely. We also have leash laws here but occasionally you'll see a dog wandering around who has broken loose. Most are just out for a stroll but you never can tell
Glad you made it home safely and quickly. I agree with you that other owners should control their dogs and yes, I would call the animal control folks and report the dog being loose. You might save another person from worry or even harm.
Tiggeriffic said…
I was just getting caught up on my favorite bloggers and I couldn't find you.. So Lisa helped me. WOW what an experience ~! Pit bulls scare me just because of their image.. But the dog that was on Little Rascals was a Pit Bull and we all loved him..
I agree ~ dogs should be on a leash.
especially when they are not on their property.. Glad you were able to get home safely.
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~ta ta for now from Iowa:) 77 degrees today and sunny. My knee is still giving me fits.. Lots of pain.. But it will pass with time and patience..
Nancy C said…
I'm so sorry your walk turned into a frightening experience, JP.

If this was the first encounter, perhaps the dog's owner will now be more responsible. Let's hope.
Debbie said…
ooohhhh what a scare. i was bitten once and i have a small fear of dogs. i could not agree with you more about leashes, i don't know why dog owners don't always leash their dogs!!

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