Meeting Jack & Sophie

Frogs on the way to our local Tractor Supply store and a neat place we found that sells re~conditioned lawn mowers.

Not wanting to buy a large mower because once our home in Virginia sells, we'll bring our commercial mower here, we picked up a small walk behind self propelled Toro.  What I love about it is that it starts with just one pull!!

While there, I had to take photos of Jack and Sophie, his Great Danes...aka "the guard dogs"!



Fences surround the property both when you pull into the parking lot as well as the entire place, buildings and all.  However, as we left I couldn't help but notice
two signs on the property.  

One reads:

We can make to the gate in 3 seconds.
Can you?

The other reads:
Are you dying to get in?
Well, you just might!

Yep, today I met Jack and Sophie!


I love jack & sophie! where are they exactly??....
twbcountrygirl said…
How funny! Great Danes are one of the sweetest breeds around.
Great Danes are so lovable. My sister had one that thought he was a lap dog.
MadSnapper said…
love the signs love the danes. what a fun place to shop
TexWisGirl said…
great working dogs! i wouldn't mess w/ 'em!
Ann said…
LOL, love those signs.
Chatty Crone said…
Love the signs but where are they in connection to your home? sandie
Unknown said…
That's hysterical! Jack and Sophie have a powerful message. Too funny. I can't stop giggling. have to share this with my mom!

Happy seeing beautiful!
Mary said…
I've always wanted a Great Dane. Beautiful dogs.
great dogs?? haha!!

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