My Side of the Story aka The Doctor's Visit

When Mom looked up the records, she saw that I was in need of a few vaccines.  SHE made the appointment.

HE (the man known as the Pres) took me!  

Meanwhile Moon was left behind...left behind to wait like a good girl should.  

Nervously walking into my new doctor's office, I got on the scale only to find that I had gained three pounds!  However, I'm sure I get it off once I start chasing those darn chipmunks IF we ever get grass here at our new home!

Trembling and shaking I was really scared when I got my shots...especially that Bordatella one, but I put on a good show and held my chin high like any handsome man would do.

My new doctor is a woman with reddish hair and I would guess in her thirties.  Not a real looker, but she has a good bedside manner.

Back at home, Moon laid by the stone wall in Mom's garden...waiting....and waiting.  Mom told me she was even crying and whimpering while I was gone.  Mom also said that when the truck pulled onto the gravel road, Moon's ears perked right up. 

It's hard to be idolized so...puts a lot of pressure on me.  Perhaps that's the reason for the weight gain.

When HE parked the truck and I got out, Moon was at the gate. 
At least SHE loves me!

Oh, more thing.  I go back for my booster in two weeks.  I think I'll take Moon along so she could hold my hand.  After all, she'll follow me anywhere!


MadSnapper said…
love the first photo, so beautiful. sorry you had your shots, but they are necessary and you have a good mommy to make you get them.
Ashling said…
Poor baby! Bummer about the shots, but you lived to tell the tale...and clearly Moon thinks you're a hero!
Awww, shots are no fun, but necessary (and only hurt for a little bit).
Glad Copper is all fixed up now :-)
Angela said…
You'll drop that extra weight soon Copper! Spring is here and there are lots of critters to chase.
TexWisGirl said…
awww. good to have a fanclub!
dr momi said…
Copper is a proud looking dog....even if he trembles at the vet's office LOL!
Tracy said…
awww, poor baby...that's what Hurricane did yesterday and he was't very happy either!
Ann said…
Well after having to get those shots I think you deserve an extra treat or two.
aaaaw...i know what you mean Copper...i don't like going to the Dr either!
just close your eyes...don't look at the needle...that helps!!

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