No Need To Ask Twice

Hearing the words come out of his mouth was like music to my hears!  And I LOVE MUSIC...ANY KIND OF MUSIC...hmmmm

"Want to drive?"

Trust me, there's no need to ask twice when it comes to riding/driving the ATV...not for me anyway!

I was on it faster than you can imagine!!

  However, there was no racing around or taking corners on two wheels or steep hills to climb.  No playing today.  Today was yet another day of YARD WORK!

I've been thinking a lot about our Home in the Hollow down in Virginia and all the time we had to sit around and do nothing.  Then it dawned on me.  We did bust our butts on creating the yard for the first few years we were there.  As the Pres planted most of the fruit trees, the vegetable garden and both the black raspberry and blueberry bushes, I did all of the perennials and shrubs in the entire yard.

Here...this year...I sometimes wonder IF we'll have GRASS!  LOL!  Gosh, we're pooped at the end of the day!


Ann said…
Well the driving around on ATV sounds like fun but the yard work, not so much :) Once you have things the way you want them though it will be all worth it
Anonymous said…
But you're not bored are you?
MadSnapper said…
i will drive, you do the yard work. LOL and do you want to drive are words never spoken to me by my husband because if i am in the car/truck I am driving because i refuse to ride with him at the wheel.
TexWisGirl said…
i know you'll make it home. w/ the dogs, i bet the grass will be slow in coming, but hopefully...
This time next year you will be complaining about mowing the grass. Calm down, enjoy the journey. Your yard is a blank canvas waiting for you guys to paint a beautiful picture.
Gail said…
Maybe now is the time to enjoy the ride.
Nancy C said…
I know how it is wanting to make your home "your space" early on. Backbreaking work -- grass or no grass, enjoy! :)
tiring, yeah...but nice to be able to DO whatever you make this new home...HOME!! :)

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