Planting the Past

Last week the Pres went down to Virginia to take care of a few things.  Our Home in the Hollow still hasn't sold and we've decided to reduce the price.  Of course, we are still hopeful.  Our contract ended with our first realtor and we have now signed with a woman who is very familiar with the house.  She has, in fact,  sold it twice before for the previous owners.  When I ran into her while I was still living in Virginia, we were in the early phases of our contract.  However, I took her card and held on to it. 

Our contract with the original realtor was for nine months and believe me, it was a long nine months!
On numerous occasions, the doors were left unlocked, the alarm was not set, etc., etc. So when the last day of our contract arrived, I had the new realtor's card ready and waiting.

Meanwhile, the Pres went down to solidify the new contract.  While there, I had asked him to dig some of our plants and bring them here to our new home.  Well, he not only mopped and shined all the wood floors, painted the mudroom floor and the screen porch floor but also dug a bunch of stuff for us!

Forsythia, Strawberry Bush, Winter-berry, Smoke Bush, Hosta, Solomon's Seal, Columbine, Astilbe, our three Hazelnut bushes, six of our smaller Azaleas, two small  Oak Hydrangeas and some of the Cactus that my friend, Mike gave me!

Now all I have to do is.....wait....that's the hard part!


Well that was very nice of the Prez! Hopefully your new realtor will be much better!
Anonymous said…
Hope it sells soon for the meantime...get digging.
dr momi said…
You got your work cut out for you!! :-)
Mary said…
Oh, I hope Spring brings some new interested buyers to your Home in the Hollow!

How nice to have some of your old plant friends back with you at your new place. :)
I hope it sells quickly! Waiting is so hard.
TexWisGirl said…
hoping the new realtor will work her magic. we had a similar situation for our previous residence. went w/ someone who had sold it before and knew its history well...
Ann said…
hope the new realtor has better luck selling the house for you.
The Prez sounds like a real keeper :)
twbcountrygirl said…
It might sound crazy JP, but next time Prez is digging, get him to plant and upside down Saint Joseph. It works, but once the house sells, you have to go get the Saint, or you'll mess up future sales. Good luck.
Gail said…
It is always nice to replant memories at a new home.
Chatty Crone said…
Good luck on selling now - and what a great idea to bring some of home to your new home.

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