A Ray of Sunshine

When I met her, I knew that when I "grew up" (LOL!  If I ever do grow up!), I'd want to be just like her.  I've told her that many times over the eight years I've known her.  She is one of a kind at the age of 76 (at least that's what she tells me!!) and such a joy to be around.  The world is definitely a better place with her in it!

She lives in Virginia with her husband , has grown children and grand children.  If I remember correctly, I met her at the first Garden Club meeting I attended in Callaway.  She's taught me a lot, brought both tears and laughter to my face and always...always...had (and continues to have) those broad shoulders for me to lean on (even though she's a tiny little thing!).
Open to learning new things, her appetite for life and happiness is insatiable. She is a clean freak, an organizational prowess and a baker like me. We share the love of people, plants and life.

I used to see her and her hubby three times a week at the Y when exercising.  Yes, she's given me many things in many ways.  This Shamrock for instance, was a gift from Norma.  And yes, although it can be planted outdoors, I prefer to leave it inside...keeping it close.   It reminds me of her.


What's so neat about this Shamrock? 
 It, like a Prayer plant remains open during the day, absorbing every breath of life.
  Then at night, it closes (like Norma) settling down to digest everything it took in earlier in the day.   

"life is what you make it"
"Define hanky panky"

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Beautiful post! People miss so much by not taking time to listen to our older friends. It's hard to find people older than myself sometimes. Have a wonderful weekend.
What a cute shamrock plant!
Such a lovely post and a sweet little plant to keep as a treasure.
MadSnapper said…
great story, thanks for sharing it. our neighbor in St pete, when i married bob and moved in his house, brought us a gift, it is a gold plated shamrock with 4 sections, it has been hanging on our wall for 27 years and although she is no longer alive, we think of her when we look at it. i like the shamrock plant, maybe i can get bob to plant one for me
Anonymous said…
A lovely tribute to your friend.
TexWisGirl said…
she sounds like a real gift...

(and i used to have a shamrock when i was young! thanks for the memory!)
Chatty Crone said…
I didn't even know there was a Shamrock plant - cute. sandie
Ann said…
I've seen shamrock plants before but I had no idea that they closed up at night.

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