Stuff For Sale (cont.)

So lets see, I believe I left off telling you that...I bought two.
  But I never told you what it was that I bought.  Well, let me tell you they were the BEST investment I ever made for household chores....especially windows and mirrors!  You may have even heard of them yourself. 

Anyway, while in Virginia, I had opened one and kept re~using and re~using it.  The other remained in it's package on the shelf in the closet.  That way I would always know where to find it.  Well that was the plan anyway.
Yep.  You guessed it, during the move, I misplaced one...the one in the package...the one that I knew I could always get my hands on!!

Only the used one survived the move and I continue to use it repeatedly here in CT over and over, washing and hanging it to dry.  I then carefully tuck it away in a special place, handy whenever I needed it.

The other day, since I still couldn't find the one in it's package, I finally remembered to sit down and email Norma to get the official name of the product.

  Without hesitation I immediately went to their site and not only ordered some but also went one step further by emailing the owner and asking permission if I could disclose their link and a story on my blog.  So without further adieu...

Order some. Here's the link: Streak-less.
You will forever be indebted to me,your friendly neighborhood blogger here in A Quiet Corner...looking out through very clean windows!


TexWisGirl said…
perhaps - if i ever CLEANED my windows! ha ha!
Nancy C said…
Newspaper works good too! (Too bad we don't subscribe.)
Jill said…
You know...I have two of those cloths and I LOVE them.
Tracy said…
Seriously? My husband would love one of those as he is always complaining that the windows in the van are a mess...I'll have to look for one on the internet. thanks so much!
Chatty Crone said…
Okay I sent myself the site - we'll see! sandie
i have cans of this window cleaning foam stuff that sam picked up some will probably last forever! (esp since i don't clean the windows as often as i SHOULD!)

but glad you found a good product!! cool!
Bee Lady said…
(quick gasp of a breath) You're supposed to clean windows???

Cindy Bee
Ann said…
you mean you are supposed to clean your windows? With Duke around mine always have nose prints on them

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