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Back in 1802 while I was living in VA, I joined a Garden Club that met monthly and had some pretty awesome members.  I had a lot of fun with that bunch...the eldest being 83, who was a hot sketch!!

Anyway, one weekend, we participated in an Elephant Sale that was held at a hotel near Tanglewood Mall off of Rte 419.  We all had to bring crap...I mean STUFF that we no longer wanted, but that would make money for the State Chapter.

I decided that being a Garden Club luncheon, it would seem fitting to bring some of the many houseplants that I had.  And so I did. I brought four Asparagus Ferns, six Spider Plants, two Krinkle Kurl  (Hindu Rope) along with two Philodendrons in 8 inch pots as well as six inch pots filled with Spider, Shamrock, Aloe, Christmas Cactus in addition to the household crap...I mean stuff.

When I met up with the other members of the Club prior to the sale, some of them peeked in my car to view my crap...I mean stuff.  I remember Jackie saying, "I think we should all be allowed to go through JP's stuff before the sale so we can just take what we want." 

My response? Totally professional and all business, I responded,  "Ladies, if you're interested in any of it, it will be on the tables at the Sale...feel free."  Looking back, I wonder if they expected me to just give it to them.  I hope not because if that was the case, I guess I made a few enemies.  You see everything I'd brought was priced to sell because if it didn't sell, I'd have to bring it all back home again!!  All that crap...I mean stuff.

The luncheon was good...although the portions that we were given were a little small according to my standards.  I guess I should have remembered that I was with a bunch of "ladies" who eat like birds unlike me who has an appetite like a vulture!  The meeting itself was interesting with awards given to various Chapters even though we didn't get one.

Then it was time for the fun...selling the crap...I mean stuff.  Arriving early at the hotel afforded me the opportunity to pick the perfect spot in the room for my display of houseplants.  Using the empty boxes that others discarded I created steps and then covered it with a sheet that they had for the tables.  Strategically placing the plants really did the trick because I was immediately attracting interested parties.

I was glad because my crap...stuff...placed on the table was selling like hotcakes so I could really focus on all these plants.  Towards the end of my plant inventory I boldly announced a "two for one sale" just to get rid of the remaining ones..I mean so I could find a good home for these beautiful living things!

Since I was too busy selling my wares, I had to wait to wander around with Norma and look for bargains.  Suddenly she pointed at something on another table and said, "JP, these are THE BEST.  Get one or two. You won't regret it!  I use them all the time on just about everything and have even given them to friends and family as gifts."

Reaching into my wallet, I took out some money and bought two.

to be continued...


Anonymous said…
I am having a vision of you going home with just as much in the car as you came with..just different..crap sorry stuff.
Retired Knitter said…
I remember those days of "yard sales" when we put out tons of stuff (really was stuff) and our neighors did the same and we advertised it as a neighborhood sale and all day long we sat outside and visited, the kids played outside and the cars with shoppers just kept arriving. It was great fun.
Ann said…
I was thrown off by the 1802, I didn't think you were that
The worst part about things like that for me is that even though I may get rid of my crap, I mean stuff, I end up taking more crap, I mean stuff home :)
This one just made me smile and now I can't wait to hear the rest
Gail said…
I ditto what Ann said! I always seem to bring stuff back so I guess instead of selling, maybe we should just trade our stuff!
That sounds like a fun day. Always nice to clear out some crap...stuff.
Chatty Crone said…
I love to clean out stuff - the only problem is - people fill it up with more stuff! sandie
Whaaat?? I wanted to see the bunnies...where are the bunnies...BWAAAAAAA that I think about it...I like I shall....return!!
Wanna see what you brought home..yes indeed! :)

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