Have you discovered yourself yet?  Have you discovered life?  Do you feel like you've found you place in the world?  Do you feel that you were simply born to exist?  Do you feel that you were born for a reason?  Do some soul searching.  I did.

 It took me a long time to learn and realize what being really meant.

Make the best of your life each and every day without hesitation.

Just do it!


Being allows you to experience.

Buying only gets you...well...stuff.



MadSnapper said…
all the STUFF I value the most is what can not be bought, took me many years to realize it, but I have it down pat now.
Anonymous said…
Good advice.
Tracy said…
I'm nt a 'buyer' but focus very hard on jut 'being' in fact, my world for the year, rather than a New Year's Resolution was 'be present' and this is such a challenge since I'm always thinking of where I need to be or if I should be doing something else, blah, blah, blah..great B word!
Ashling said…
Good question, great advice. My answer--depends on the day!
Did you read my new "In My Opinion" this morning? That is just the way I live.
Kathy said…
I found you earlier, but was distracted by a pone call, then lost you. So glad you, found me.
I'm on the A to Z Challenge, but I didn't post the Myotonic Dystrophy blog there. Thanks so much for visiting that particular blog and for your kind comments.
I'm a new follower.
Kathy at Oak Lawn Images
Such good advice.
The best thing about A to Z is you get to pop around and visit with people you haven't seen for a bit. Including you! Hope you're well and happily A to Zing!
Jeremy Bates said…
I know I am not here simply to exist, although it appears as if the majority of people do just that.

Also, I am not 100% certain if I have found myself as of yet.

Having said all of that, I greet each day as if it were my last and enjoy it as best I can. I don't take anything for granted, but rather am grateful for all I see, do and experience, both good and bad.
If you were still down here, I'd let you borrow my 4 hour dvd on Stillhorne Retreat by Eckhart Tolle - it fits right in with this philosophy. It took me a week to watch it all (like I have 4 hours in one shot, ha!) but it was really incredible and I may even watch it again!

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