Create something....anything.  Draw, paint, write, build, plant.  Take an action verb and make it part of your life!  The rewards are many...both tangible and intangible.  

Being in charge of you gives you the opportunity to be creative, whether it be in the way you dress, write or act, just to name a few.  Be your own person.  Life gives us the ability to, like seeds, germinate.

Atlas Moth~Aruba

Creating gives us a chance to live!


Empty Nester said…
So true! Just do it! Love your analogy with the seeds! The moth is stunning!
Anonymous said…
That is one abstract piece of art of a moth...isn't nature amazing?
Inger said…
The moth is beautiful and life without creativity would really be no life at all.
Wow! The colors on the moth are absolutely amazing! I've only seen brown ones before. I'm ready to go home and CREATE something. Thanks!
TexWisGirl said…
very cool creature!
Tracy said…
love that moth, but creating is what I love to do be it with words, photography or my scrapbooking. I do feel alive when I am creative! Great post!
MadSnapper said…
i have been creating for 3 days now and can't stop. learning new things in photoshop,
i love to constantly germinating... :)
gld said…
Good thought for all of us!

The moth is beautiful.

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