A is for Abstract

It's that time of the year for me.
Typically weeks 13 and 14 of each year find me vacationing in Aruba, basking in the warm sun and swimming in the Caribbean.  In addition, it is also time to participate in the http://www.a-to-z challenge.com/, hosted by none other than Matt.  

Now although part of my routine has changed (since I am here...home in "A Quiet Corner" and not vacationing in my favorite place, Aruba), I have decided to once again to participate in the April Challenge.  My theme stemmed from my strong desire to be in Aruba. 
My theme is that of the ABSTRACT.

Without it, you are on the inside...looking out in wonder...missing life as it passes you by.
With it, using it...you will see things more clearly.
Your thoughts will soar. 

Hence, I am in Aruba...in my thoughts and heart!


Sorry no Aruba this year, but hopefully your house will sell and there will be a trip next year! :-)
I love your theme, and I know how much you would love to be in Aruba--Who wouldn't? :-)
no aruba this year, eh?? well...the mind can sure take you many places...have FUN!! :)
Empty Nester said…
Interesting theme! The water is gorgeous in the photo. Here's to soaring thoughts!

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