Jovial Tuesday

   Feeling a little more than chipper that morning as I walked around "the yard that isn't," my mood lifted and went straight to jovial when I checked on my new tree.  You see, I've always wanted a tree...any kind of tree...that has pink blooms.  And there it was my little tree all budded with leaves and now revealing tiny pink flowers! 

Way back in 1802, when we lived in Cheshire, we had a Pink Dogwood that was simply stunning in the Spring.  Then when we moved near the Blue Ridge in Virginia, I fell in love with Red-buds.  However, each time I would bug the Pres for one, he would tell me to "go for a walk in the woods."  

Shortly after we moved back to Connecticut, my daughter and Angel came to visit.  With them they brought a potted tree about four feet tall.  It had no leaves.  It wasn't until after they left that I realized that it also had no tag.  Asking my daughter what it was back then, she said she couldn't remember yet assured me that it would have red leaves and it "would look great against all that green you have."

Tuesday morning my daughter and Angel returned from their relaxing vacation in Aruba.
Appropriately her little tree blossomed that same morning. 


Japanese Cherry Blossoms


Anonymous said…
Pretty little thing.
What a wonderful and very timely bloom, JP.
MadSnapper said…
a wonderful gift that will keep on giving year after year. its beautiful. and its PINK
Mary said…
Lovely! A house is not a home without a tree in the yard! :)
Joy said…
I love pink blossoms too. My "B" post was about them. Nice post.
TexWisGirl said…
very pretty. yay for blossoms. :)
Ann said…
What a nice surprise. I can certainly understand how that could turn a mood to jovial
Trees are wonderful gifts to give and receive. Yours is beautiful!
On a cold dreary day, for me, nothing lifts my spirits than to see little blooms of spring!!
oh yeah! pink blossoms!!
like the RedBud trees here...when they have the little pink buds all over...i just about melt!

yay for you!! a tree with PINK!

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