Remembering the word "kinetic" I immediately thought of it used in conjunction with "energy."  These two words just seem to go together like...well, like peanut butter and jelly, don't you think?

I guess I must have paid attention in one of my science classes!  At least that's where I think I heard the term!!

However, I did flunk Chemistry my first semester of college.  Yep.  Good old Dr. Groth (pronounced growth) and what a treasure she was.  Trust me when I say she was lacking in the energy department.  Lectures were boring.  Monotone speaker.   

Repeating Chemistry proved to be a good thing though.

I mean after all, at least I can bake!

Oh, one more thing.
Me?  I am loaded with kinetic energy!


Unknown said…
LOVE IT! You're "loaded with kinetic energy." Ha! The two do go together like PB&J, don't they? I might never look at a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the same way again. That was fantastic!

Happy seeing beautiful!
Tracy said…
hahaha, I had to laugh, I had a geology teacher in college and talking about lacking in kinetic energy...GeezLouise!
interesting thoughts about PB and J!
me too. loaded to the max with kinetic energy. just can't sit still...ok, gotta run...
Ashling said…
Sigh...would love some kinetic energy, but love the word. It's one that sounds like what it is. Good choice!
Empty Nester said…
I only took high school chemistry (thank GOD I didn't have to take it in college) and BARELY passed. If I ever had to take it again, I'd die. Simple as that. :)
Ann said…
I wish I was loaded with any kind of energy right about now. Heck I wouldn't even mind being loaded with peanut butter and jelly :)
EG CameraGirl said…
Some teachers and professors have more ability to put people to sleep than to teach. :)
Rosanna said…
Your blog has a wonderful energy! Happy blogging!
Now I know why I seem to multitask and nver see something through before starting another project - kinetic energy! Thanks JP.
Botanist said…
I don't think I can say "kinetic" without thinking of "energy" either. Something I think I'd associate with physics rather than chemistry, although one of my chemistry teachers was always so eager to get the class moving that he started the lesson from half-way down the hall. You would hear the subject for today's lesson before he'd even set foot in the room.
I was hopeless at Chemistry too, even though I can bake ;)
Trisha said…
I was never any good at any kind of science, even if I found it all fascinating and wished I could be good at it! I just don't have that kind of brain.

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