Men...Hate Shopping

In preparation for the Jack and Jill baby shower we're attending today, I suggested to the Pres that we stop at the store where she registered when we were over that way earlier in the week.  He agreed readily which was surprising because he hates shopping!  Well, he hates shopping unless it's for food (the old caveman provider thing, I think) or tools or something with an engine that hmmmmmms!  LOL!  Anyway...

Walking into the store, I knew we'd be in trouble because the baby department was enormous and consumed the entire back of the store.  It was massive!  Being familiar with the whole shower thing and stopping at the registry desk, I began to enter the information on the keyboard as the bewildered Pres looked on.  When the printer spit out eight pages, he asked, "What's all that?"  My next statement to you.  Lets just say that he wasn't terribly excited when I explained it was the list.

Being a man, he immediately suggested that we purchase a large item and be done with it.  And, after being together for so long, I actually thought that it was a good idea!  However, after locating a sales associate and beginning our endeavor, we found that wasn't going to be our fate.  All the large items had been either purchased or were out of stock in that particular store so we had no choice but to resort to several smaller items unless we wanted to drive to Massachusetts for the bassinet!  "Not today," he said abruptly.

Casing the isles with the associate, I placed items in the carriage and checkout, thank goodness, was quick and uneventful.  I was grateful for that because after all, the impatient Pres, the man who hates to shop, was waiting.

  As I was about to exit a voice rang out.  There he was standing at the Customer Service Desk, ensuring that the girls there were doing their good customer service...chatting with him!

The Bag of Gifts


Louise said…
I have sympathy. I'm not fond of shopping myself. For me, internet shopping has been a real boon. Point and click, and in a few days, there it is at your door. What could be better?
Anonymous said…
He sounds a lot like my Dad...chatting up the staff.
MadSnapper said…
hubby despises shopping and so do I. and i also truly despise the list that spits out for showers. and the hunt for the items drives me nuts. the last time i got one i went online to the store and ordered it and had it delivered, click click click, that was after i spent over an hour with a list in target for a baby shower and could find nothing on the list.
i have to shop for food or we would starve but that is it for me. i like to browse quickly in a thrift store, scanning, not hunting.
Tracy said…
I do NOT like shopping but I love shopping for much fun and I want it ALL...all the sweet colors and anticipating the smells...they will be thrilled with whatever it is you purchased:)
Ann said…
I don't enjoy shopping as much as I used to and my husband HATES shopping. He would have freaked if he saw an 8 page list being printed out.
I'm so glad you got through all that unscathed--Isn't that a good feeling? I'm sure the gift will be loved and appreciated, and very much needed!!

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!
TexWisGirl said…
big ol' schmoozer! :)
Angela said…
Sounds like he had fun after all! lol Looks like you have fun shopping too by the size of that bag!
Lets give the Prez 5 stars for his shopping! Looks like you did very well.

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