That's what I am.
Over certain things.
I can't help it.
That's how I am.
Organized...very much so.

Honestly I don't know where I first heard the expression, "there's a place for everything and everything in it's place"  but I am convinced that I'm related to them.  Ask me where a certain thing is in the house, the utility room, the garage and I can tell you precisely where it is.  

I'm also good at numbers.
I have a good memory as well. 
I see/read something and I can tell you where it is on the page...left hand side, right hand side.
I picture it.
I can see it.
This talent (?) made my job at the bank simple.  Helping create the screens that the end users worked with, when they called for help, I could picture where the specific field was on the screen and walk them right through their problem.

 However, sometimes obsessed is not a good thing.
An example?
I planted seeds in my perennial garden the other day, scratching the soil and watering them in ever so tenderly.  Seeds that I brought with me from Virginia.
I went to the gym for my workout and when I got home there was a surprise.
The Pres put down the mulch we bought.
On top of my seeds.
Ask me how happy I was.
Go ahead.
Just ask.


Ann said…
I think I know the answer already but just how happy were you? :)
MadSnapper said…
i want ask, don't want to hear what you said. hope they come up through the mulch. i am like you, almost identical. except as i get older, i am not quite as good or maybe as bad at is as i was.
my obession is everything where it belongs. like this morning the salt and pepper shakers were out on the edge of the counter, not up agains the back splash where they sit. bob made eggs, used them and sat them down right on the edge of the counter and left them there. i moved them to the exact spot they live in. same with anything on the counters, which i would love to have empty, but the coffee pot is necessary, but it does have a spot marked to sit and he wants to know how i know, because i do
Anonymous said…
Well he thought he was doing a good thing.
Inger said…
A double-edged sword, I think. I have some of it myself, but being with my hubby, I have had to let most of it go.
I just hate people like you! haha Five days out of 7 I can't remember where my car keys are and most of the time they're still in the car. Give the Prez a hug and tell him what a good boy he is.
Unknown said…
Uh-oh! Covering seeds one so lovingly plants could lead to a sad feeling inside. Did you have words for how you felt?

I love that you talk about great things to be obsessed with and not-so-great things.

I'm obsessed with Seeing Beautiful. It's really fantastic!

Happy seeing beautiful!
twbcountrygirl said…
I bet they'll spring right up through the mulch. They came from strong Virginia stock. And, it could always be worse. He could have weed eaten ... or is it eated, the new growth as it came up.
And these things happen.

I'm obsessed and not proud of it. I think I even obsess in my sleep.

klahanie said…
Ah yes and to continue some predictabilities, just how happy was you?
Speaking of seeds, why are some plants, called 'bedding' plants? Why do they not supply, pillows and bedsheets with said plants?
Speaking of numbers, I'm quick at totalling up numbers, 'I hasten to add'...
Seriously, all the best with this incredible challenge that brings further awareness of the alphabet!:)
Shug said…
glad I found your blog...enjoyed the topic. I suppose, because it sounds just like me....I sometimes get unhappy with myself because I am so obsessed about things...am I a person that demands perfection? I like to think not, but when I look at the scale of things....Ooops, I think I might be...
I'm sure you were not very happy but I must confess I couldn't help but laugh at how you told us the news...;0)...thanks for stopping by my blog...hice to meet you too!

Donna L Martin
mshatch said…
I decided I was getting a little too obsessive when I started stacking the fancy feast cans according to how pretty the colors would look together.
Uh oh!

I saved seeds from the marigolds you gave me last year that came up so well, and will be replanting them in the garden this year :-)
Empty Nester said…
I try to avoid organizing too much because, I'm so good at it, I can't find anything once I finish. LOL Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna ask about the happiness level...pretty sure I can guess. :)
ha. figures...huh? the one (?) time he surprises you by not only bringing home the mulch...but spreading it out so you'll be happy when you get home!! uh oh.

SOME of the obsessive stuff...remembering right where things are...i think comes from the being a mom thing...
Golden Eagle said…
I believe I can guess, but . . . how happy were you?

I'm sorry to hear mulch was put down on top of your seeds!

The Golden Eagle
The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

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