I know that the word is not an abstract, however, I just couldn't help but select it for my "P word becasue I wanted to tell you about something!

   Last week, after the Pres returned from walking the gravel road with Moon and Copper to get the mail, in he walked.  Out of his mouth came the infamous you've got mail statement.  I was excited because I don't get mail...well, very rarely.  Handing me the white envelope, my eyes immediately went to the upper left corner.  It was something from of my former neighbors down in Virginia!

Tearing open the envelope and unfolding the notebook paper, it began quite simply...from Virginia to Connecticut followed by an exuberant "JP!"  That in itself made me smile.  And then, reading on eagerly, my smile grew broader.  Yep, bottom line, all is well.  And what an ego trip because...ME, MYSELF and I are MISSED!!!

I answered Margaret's letter yesterday.
I hope we will remain pen-pals!

Oh, one more thing.
When I did the posts entitled
Margaret was deemed one of the good ones!!


Anonymous said…
Letters from home.
Tracy said…
awww, pen pals take me back to the day prior to computers when it meant so much to get mail in my box...the one that sits by the driveway! :)
klahanie said…
Oh, what a nice posting. Pen-pals, what a great concept and taking the time to do something 'old fashioned' like using a pen and paper :)
Nice one and happy writing.
In kindness, Gary
Ann said…
as convenient as email is it just can't replace the feeling of getting a hand written letter in the mail.
TexWisGirl said…
real live mail. too cool!
Chatty Crone said…
I know you'll be missed and I bet Lisa misses you too. sandie
Empty Nester said…
Oh you are so lucky! I LOVE getting 'real' mail!
I used to write so many letters before there was email! Sweet of her to write to you! :-)
Joy Tilton said…
So good to get a letter... rare these days as hen's teeth! My aunt and grandmother's wrote LONG letters every week and Mom would read them aloud at the kitchen table. They would talk about things like what was growing in the garden, or who was sick and always good news in the family that we might not have heard. Letters from home, indeed!
MadSnapper said…
good that you are missed and now you know you are missed. does she doe email? the only letters i ever wrote or received were from or to my mother and i had to force myself to write her once a week. she loved letters, sending and receiving.
Unknown said…
Oh, pen pals are the best. I've sort of taken to modern day pen palling as commenting in the blogging world. I do this to cope because the only mail that accumulates in my house is bills and let's face it, I don' want to be pen pals with AT&T (unless they want to strike up a good phone deal).

Happy seeing beautiful!
twbcountrygirl said…
What a great treat! I real, hand written letter, sent through the mail. That's rare. Cherish it, it's one of a dying breed.
JP. letter writing is indeed a dying art as is sending cards with the advent of email and now ecards. But, I continue to send cards by mail and usually write a note inside and never send a holiday card without a short note. I did a lot of pen-pal exchanges while growing up and exchanged both letters and photos with people in Europe and far-away (to me) places like South Africa, Turkey, Malaysia. I was fortunate enough to meet 2 pen pals; still write to one living in S Africa. THis post brought back happy memories.

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