Sounds Like...

As the dogs nap basking in the sunshine letting it simply permeate their bodies, I'm listening to the sounds of nature, sitting in one of the old rockers on the deck, as the tweets of the birds resonate almost continually.  The Eastern Bluebirds, the Nuthatches, Chickadees, Cardinals, American Goldfinches, Downy, Hairy and Red~Bellied Woodpeckers flutter in and out of the low-lying brush back and forth to the feeders.

Anybody out there know what kind of a bird sounds like it's saying "Auntie Em"?


Oh, one more thing.
Guess what I found in the yard that isn't?

As I walked the perimeter with Moon and Copper, I noticed...
they're everywhere!

Now I just have to keep my eye out for Trillium and I'll really be happy in
the yard that isn't.


TexWisGirl said…
jack in the pulpit is so cool! haven't seen it since i was a kid in wis!
I remember reading a while back that when you see one trillium expect to see more nearby; and look around for ants, the unsung heroes and gardeners of these beautiful wildflowers...Funny what I can remember but do I know where my keys are? :-)
Anonymous said…
I haven't seen one of those in years.
Oh that sounds like a great moment. Love a sleeping pup in the sunshine. We never get a good listen to the sounds of nature if our pups around snoozing. He snores SO loud!

Anna@ Herding Cats & Burning Soup
I know this might sound crazy to you..but that is the very first flower like that I have ever seen. I have heard of them but never seen one! I'm glad I got myself over here! :)
Our yard is finally beginning to look good again...and now this heat has suddenly it. The front is already beginning to brown out.
Thank you for the words of wisdom on my post but if that is true..then my house is just FULL of character! :)
Have a great Sunday! :)
MadSnapper said…
me to with Tex, have not seen one in many years and yours just appeared. cool. i am sitting on the sofa, the windows are open and the birds are doig the same thing here, singing their hearts out, and we had blessed rain at midnight, two nights in a row and this morning at 5 am the tree frogs were harmonizing
Tracy said…
Ahhh, those are great wildflowers and the trilium. I did a flower book in high school science and found these fascinating!
Ann said…
I've never heard of trillium before. I'm interested to see what it looks like as it grows
jack in the pulpit! cool!

'Auntie Em'??? must be a bird from the wizard of oz....

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