W is for...

To some, wonder comes in all shapes and sizes.
To others, it is merely be a two syllable word.   
I myself wonder whether my appreciation and gratitude for things will ever cease.
I hope not.
Why do I find something like a bloom so complex?
I wonder.
Why do I find joy in meeting new people?
I wonder.
Why am I amazed and excited when I see something that I know I'll never touch?
I wonder.
Why do I find myself feeling special in this mass universe?
I wonder.
Why do I feel that people have crossed my path for a reason?
I wonder.
I wonder what others think of me.
I Wonder


Anonymous said…
Lovely sentiments.
mshatch said…
I agree. I wonder a lot about a great many things!
Empty Nester said…
I think you're terrific! And so was this post!
Wonder why we wonder...and so do you, isn't it wonderous?
TexWisGirl said…
we think you are a wonder. :) a great wonderful spirit. :)
Nancy C said…
It's good to have these wondering thoughts. :)
Ann said…
I wonder about quite a lot of things myself
MadSnapper said…
I love meeting new people, and i do believe people come into our lives for a reason, even strangers we meet for a few minutes.

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