Y is for...

Once we decided where we would get the mulch, the Pres placed the trailer hitch on the back of the truck and quickly hooked up the trailer.  Heading down the gravel road, the Pres said, "Four scoops (aka  four yards) will fit nicely in the trailer.  It will be enough."

He was right...four scoops filled the trailer and we headed for home, passing on purchasing any perennials until I see where the sun is and isn't once the budded leaves open.
We worked on spreading the mulch nearly all day that Friday.
Talk about pooped!  

Oh, one more thing.

We ran out.

 We need at least four more yards for "the yard that isn't."


Anonymous said…
Wow..that is one pile of mulch.
Shirley said…
I have to get mulch too! If I do it, I have to get bags of it. I need a truck instead of a Honda!! I may just have someone do it this year as my back isn't in good shape at the moment. I also need stones for my long driveway! That will be delivered and dragged out.
MadSnapper said…
and now the seeds are buried
TexWisGirl said…
every time i see grass NOT growing in a yard, i'm gonna think of YOU!
Ann said…
that's a lot of mulch and a whole lot of work :)
Haha. He was right about four scoops filling the trailer. He knew that from experience. He misquoted how much you would need for your yard because that was a guess.


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