Another Time

I finally made time to take a ride the other day.  It was a crisp morning and the sky, decorated with white fluffy clouds, was as blue as could be.  Just as I was leaving the house, the Pres suggested that I take a right at the stop sign on Babcock Hill.  "You'll find plenty of barns out that way," he said.

So off I went feeling a little more comfortable now that we've been here six months.  Can you believe that? I can hardly believe that it's been that long myself and although there are certain things I miss about Virginia, it is here that I belong.

Although my original mission was to take pictures of a few barns with the immediate vicinity, I found myself stopping to take photos well...just because.

Let me admit right up front that I am horrible on directions and have absolutely no sense of direction.   Sure, I took pictures stopping along the curvy country roads but it was when I decided to simply turn around and head home that I ran into trouble.  

My phone, already in GPS mode, was securely fastened to the dash as I turned around and muttered...home.  When the next set of instructions were spoken and it said to take a right, my first thought must be a short cut!  Wait until I tell the Pres about this! (He loves shortcuts!!)

Well, all I can say is YIKES!  The paved road it took me on suddenly narrowed and became gravel...narrow and windy like the one we lived on in Virginia (except this one had huge pot holes!!!!).

The road before me lead into thick woods and although I was hesitant, how bad could it be? I thought.  I mean, after all the location of our house in Virginia was not exactly for the faint of heart.  So I decided to stick with it and continue driving although the pot holes were frequent and very deep! 

Holy moose-poops!!  I will admit that when the GPS said, "Follow for another six miles," I had my doubts and felt my insides flipping.  However, there...ahead of me...was civilization at the end of the road!!  In fact, I even knew where I was!!  It would be clear sailing from here...:)

Opening the kitchen door and placing my camera on the banister, I blurted out, "Oh, I'm so glad I made it home.  I thought I'd never see you again." 

Oh, the photos?
That will have to be another time.

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Gail said…
Every trip is an adventure.

We had a boy from Germany visit one time and he said, "I've never seen so many roads go so far and go nowhere" But he did love back roading.

Glad you got home safely.
Nancy C said…
I know how you feel... it took me awhile to get familiar with the country roads here too! Glad you made it back home safely.
That sounds like quite a shortcut! Kind of like the first time I drove over our road ;-)

Can't wait to see pics.
Anonymous said…
I don't trust GPS...I have a built in homing system.
TexWisGirl said…
goofy girl! were you in the mini on this road?
Lynn Proctor said…
you must have lived in rural va.--nice story!
As long as the GPS doesn't play banjos, I'd say you were okay, but it still makes me nervous to put all my trust in one!! Glad you got home safe 'n sound!!
Ann said…
I'm pretty sure that I would not have been so trusting with the GPS, I probably would have turned around

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