Call Me (continued)

A week went by and I hadn't heard from the woman with the warm smile, Mona.  Then one night, as I lay sprawled out on the couch and the Pres was relaxing in his chair, the dogs began to bark.  The Pres got up and gazing out the window he said someone was coming to the front door.  The bell rang and as the Pres opened the door to greet the stranger, I heard an all too familiar voice.  "Is JP here?"

Throwing off my blanket and getting up, I answered, "Mona, is that you?"

Yes, it really was Mona...the woman with the gentle smile.  She decided to pay me a visit since SHE HADN'T HEARD FROM ME!!!!  When she told me that, I blurted out, "Well, if you gave me the right phone number, it would have been helpful."

Looking puzzled she said, "Did I write down the wrong number?"
Getting up from the couch, I retrieved the small piece of paper she'd given me with her info and showed her what she'd written down.  Yep, she'd done just that...written down the wrong number...not mistake.  To make matters worse, she'd lost the slip of paper I'd given her.

We visited until after my normal bedtime talking about all kinds of things with the Pres.  Come to find out, while she's a night owl, I hit the sheets early which we discovered that evening when I literally asked her to hit the road.  Yet before she left she looked at the Pres and once again apologized for dropping in unannounced.  Dismissing that readily we told her she had nothing to worry about as we were very laid back.  Looking at the Pres, she then said, " I wanted to because I didn't want to loose her.  I love this woman."  Much to my surprise, the Pres responded, "Hang around her a little more and you'll really get to love her!" 

Walking her out to the car and asking her to call me to let me know she'd made it home safely, we said we'd get together next week.

There's a few lessons here:
When you give someone your number, be sure it's correct!
Make new friends wherever you go.
Friends are, after all, like Nature.  They are all around us!
You just have to see them!

Oh, one more thing.  You'll be hearing more about Mona because I got the surprise of a lifetime two days later!!


OH my gosh JP.
This is a surprise. How nice of Mona to visit, even if it was late.
she sounds a nice lady. At least it was a week later!
The pres was very complimentary "nice pres"
A happy story.
A new friendship in the making
Happy weekend
Anonymous said…
Fabulous. Thank goodness she has the persistence gene.
MadSnapper said…
perfect ending to your story and what is more perfect it is not the ending. a few years ago, we had friends over and when it went 2 hours past our bedtime, i told them i can't stay awake any longer, you are way past my bedtime. we never had them over again.
TexWisGirl said…
i like this warm soul!
mshatch said…
new friends are always welcome! Glad you made one and glad you were able to re-connect in spite of the 'bad' phone #.

looking forward to what Mona has in store for you...
I'm glad you kept the paper so she could see the mistake--I've done the same thing and it wasn't on purpose, but I have to confess that one time several years ago I gave the wrong e-mail to someone on purpose ...
JP, thanks for the follow up and glad that Mona followed up with a personal visit, even if it kept you a bit later. If she hadn't you would always be wondering whether or not she was sincere about meeting again. Waiting for the continuation of the story.
Ann said…
glad you heard from her. I knew it had to be just an innocent mistake. Got me curious about the surprise now
MorningAJ said…
Oh that's great news. You can never have too many friends.
Inger said…
That's great that this episode ended well and you now have a new friend. Can't have to many friends and she seems really caring.
Nancy C said…
Great that it ended on a high note. :)

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