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When you meet someone new and exchange phone numbers and email addresses expecting to contact them or them to contact you, do you give them the correct information?   When you say call me, do you mean it?  If those questions seem odd, it will all make sense by the time you finish reading this.


Lets see.  So at my first Garden Club meeting the woman with the warm smile and I seemed to hit it off.  After the meeting ending and before we walked out to our cars, we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses.  It seemed great.  In fact, she even invited me to meet her the following morning to attend yet another Garden Club function (a board meeting).  And I went.  It was fun.  We chatted some more and once again I met people who were knowledge and willing to teach me a thing or two about plants.

As we returned to our cars, I told the woman with the smile (lets call her know for Mona Lisa) that I would give her a call Friday afternoon after I finished up at the gym.

I did just that...just as I promised.  I called.  However, a voice-mail picked up saying that I'd reached "Alan."  Not knowing if her husband's name was Alan, I left a brief message saying that I called as promised.  A few hours passed and I called again only to get Alan's voice-mail once again.  I left a second message.

About a half hour later, my cell phone rang.  It was Alan.  Listening attentively as I explained that I was trying to reach Mona, who I met at the Garden Club,  he told me that although HIS mother's name was Mona and this had to be the strangest coincidence because his mother had never attended my local Garden Club, let alone been to my town.  We had a brief chuckle, thanked each other for understanding and ended our call.

So, once again, I pose the question:

 When you meet someone new and exchange phone numbers and email addresses expecting to contact them or them to contact you, do you give them the correct information?  Do you mean it when you say "call me"?

Do you think she really wanted me to call her?  The reason I ask is quite simple.  It's been a week and she hasn't called me.  However, you know me....

to be continued


Jeremy Bates said…
In this case another question can be posted, "Can men really understand women?"
MorningAJ said…
Back in my younger days when I worked as a journalist my real name frequently appeared as the author of front page news stories on the local paper.

Consequently, I was very careful who I gave my real name to when I went out for a night at a club or pub. I was known as Elizabeth Patrick by a very large proportion of the town because I'd have been too easy to track down if I gave my real name.

She had a whole identity behind the name - secretary in a local solicitor's firm, etc - so I could be consistent, and I'd remember immediately where the name came from if anyone ever called me Elizabeth.
dear JP.
I have learnt throuought the years , that at first meeting ..its always smiles and "oh how nice and this and that" you dont really know that person..
I myself only give my e mail and mobile number to very close friends.
If she wanted really to know you, she would have called you.. she has obviously given you a digit wrong..
or you might have written it wrong. give her the benifit of the doubt. if she doesnt phone this next week.
thats your answer.
We all blog and leave comments on our blogger friends posts.. thats because we want to and enjoy it. wait for the next episode.
best wishes for a happy weekend.
I'm hoping it's a simple mistake and she just wrote it wrong for some reason.

If she didn't call though, she's really missing out on a wonderful friend.

Glad your scheduled post went through - I've since seen several folks blog about having issues w/ it!
MadSnapper said…
i don't think she did it on purpose because why would she, she is going to meet you again at the next garden club meeting, so that would be embarrassing for her, i am thinking a mistake, but not on purpose. i have never given my phone number to anyone i just met. i dont really like talking on the phone, so would not. i have given my email once in a doctors office to the lady i chatted with, she never emailed.
Anonymous said…
I never never give out my information and say call me unless I really really mean it.... come to think of it I don't think I have ever said "call me".
TexWisGirl said…
since she asked you back the next day, yes, i believe she meant to give you correct info. :)
Inger said…
She knew she would see you again at the next meeting, didn't she? Strange....
gld said…
This is an interesting question. I would be hesitant to ever give someone my email or phone number after just one meeting but might if we really knew some background about each other.

I think she should have called if she said she would. I doubt I would try again.
Ann said…
I wouldn't give my number or email out unless I wanted them to contact me. I would never think of giving out a fake number. Maybe it was just an honest mistake on the number
Bee Lady said…
Well let's see...maybe Alan is some controlling type freak husband that you see in movies such as the one Julia Roberts had in Sleeping with the Enemy. And he won't let her talk to you. Or maybe...she isn't even part of the garden club...she's a mystery woman. Do other people know her? See if she shows up again, and tell her you called her. See what she says. I can't wait to hear the rest of this story!
I do give my number out. I don't always answer calls that show up as 'unknown' though.
Cindy Bee

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