A Combination of Things

Fortunately I've been able to return to my old workout routine of hitting the gym three times a week!  It feels good after weeks and weeks of recovery.  And although I'm continuing to nurse my hip flexor by not overtaxing it, I see light at the end of the tunnel!  I am definitely feeling the increase in energy...thank goodness!!

This past week...Wednesday to be specific...I entered the gym, swiped my card through the reader and gave my cheery "Hey" to the gal behind the front desk.  Entering the locker room, I immediately noticed that #64 was available and hung my rain coat inside on the left hook.  Taking my black exercise gloves, iPod, ear phones and combination lock out of my backpack, I placed them on the bench directly behind me.  The water bottle was next to come out before hanging my backpack on the right side, shutting the steel gray door. and placing the lock onto the locker. 

I exercised...and exercised...and exercised.

Ahhh...done at last, I trotted into the locker room.  Then stopping abruptly in front of good old #64, I began to enter my combination in.  Since it's only three stinking numbers I was done in record time.  But it didn't open.  Hmmm.  Again, I entered the three digit combo which I KNEW was right.  Again...it didn't open. Hmmm.  Now what? I pondered.

Kim happened to be nearby so I asked her to give it a whirl (or perhaps I should say twirl).  Hesitantly, she grasped the lock and began spinning the dial.  Nothing.  It didn't work for her either.  Then her friend tried it as well.  Looking into my eyes, she said, "Stop feeling bad.  This happens all the time.  I'll go get Patrick."

Waiting for all the women using the locker room to finish was the most agonizing part aside from just the sheer embarrassment of the chaos I'd created.  Some were showering, using the facilities while one attractive younger woman was in front of the mirror primping each little ringlet in her hair.   However, finally, the locker room was empty!  Patrick and I entered together with me apologizing along the way. 

Moments later, this was the end result. 

"A combination lock is a type of lock in which a sequence of numbers or symbols is used to open the lock. The sequence may be entered using a single rotating dial which interacts with several discs or cams, by using a set of several rotating discs with inscribed numerals which directly interact with the locking mechanism, or through an electronic or mechanical keypad. Types range from inexpensive three-digit luggage locks to high-security safes."

I guess mine didn't work the way it was supposed to!

Well what I did find out about this type of lock is this.  The combination can be changed quite readily by simply turning the lock mechanism counter clockwise twice!

Oh, one more thing...


Anonymous said…
Happy Mothers Day to you too and congrats on getting back into the exercising.
TexWisGirl said…
i can imagine how waiting for those ladies to 'get out!' must have seemed like an eternity!
MadSnapper said…
i am trying really really hard not to laugh. but it is not happening. ROFL this is so ME.... the few i had were key related since they always don't work for me. glad you are back in the gym. happy birthday
Happy Birthday, JP and kudos to getting back to exercising. It's so easy to get out of the routine and then hard to get back as I know myself from personal experience! Reading the story about the lock gave me a smile and it's exactly WHY I use a key lock and carry the key with me on a lanyard...besides the fact that I fear forgetting the combination some day :-) Happy Mother's Day too!
Chatty Crone said…
Glad you are back to exercising and happy Mother's Day. sandie
mshatch said…
happy mother's day to you, too :)

ps did I mention I love your header?
Happy Mothers Day to you too! a day late :-)

Don't ya hate when that happens?
Ann said…
glad to hear you made it back to the gym, too bad about the lock.
Hope you had a great mother's day
Simoney said…
I thought you were going to say it had been so long you'd forgotten the combination or something???
but nope, the darn thing just didn't work.
Lucky they had those snippy things.

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