GOOD Morning!

The crack broke the morning silence.  It was only 6:13 in the morning and I was already outside with the dogs.  Turning in the direction of the noise, I half expected to see a deer walking through the woods.  Perhaps a noisy squirrel.  Yet what I saw was breath taking!.

It flew up at a rather steep angle emerging at a high rate of speed and appeared to have something in it's talons.  It rose quickly and before I knew it, it was soaring above me.  Watching it's dark brown expansive wings I found myself focusing on the's white head. Yep...another American Bald Eagle right in my own part of the sky!

One more thing.  I only had my cell phone on me so although the picture is not the best, I still got goosebumps watching it soar high above me, circling once before it flew off into the distance.

When I zoom in on this photo, the focus, of course, becomes distorted.  Yet I can clearly see that unmistakable white head!  And...this past week, while standing at the edge of the woods (pretending to be a tree) to get shots of the Eastern Bluebirds in my nesting boxes, a Bald Eagle casually flew over the yard with a huge snake dangling from it's talons!

Yes, life in this rural corner of Connecticut suits me just fine!

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Good morning JP:.
How fantastic to see a white bald headed eagle.. I have only seen one in the Zoo in Cincenati.. while my husband was on business there. What a magestic bird it is.
It truly is wonderful to live in the country. I couldnt think of living anywhere else.
I have two hawks or falcons that fly over my sky and nest somewhere near by..
At least you got a shot.
Happy thursday.
I'd love to see a bald eagle!
Unknown said…
OH! That gave me chills! What a majestic site to see in "your corner of the sky" (I love how you crafted that by the way). How special.

Happy seeing beautiful (and we know you are)!
Anonymous said…
Fabulous. I've yet to see one.
MadSnapper said…
fantastic, wildlife is all anyone needs for entertainment.
TexWisGirl said…
awesome, jp. jealous. :)
Ashling said…
Awe-some and awe-inspiring...what a fantastic gift!!!
Inger said…
Wow! How fabulous! Also, thank you for your kind words about Angel.
Ann said…
that is exactly why I want to move out to the country. I would love to sit in my own yard and get a glimpse at nature like that. How awesome
Carletta said…
To have them in your neighborhood is awesome.
Sometimes it isn't so much about the photo but the moment - I try so hard to remember that.
Nancy C said…
I agree with Carletta -- it's the photo in your mind that counts. Happy that you experienced this, JP. xoxo

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