Inhale Deeply...

Ahhhhhhhhh!  There's nothing like the smell of fresh cedar as it permeates the air!

About fifty trees later, the Pres and our builder returned from the forest...victorious.  They'd reduced all the dead trees to piles and piles of mulch...half for his Mom and half for us...close to thirty yards of the red stuff!  Now, we just have to spread it all.  From what I'm told it will outlast other mulch and most importantly ants don't like it!

Oh, one more thing.
Did I tell you what happened to me the other day?  I know...I know...this has nothing to do with the cedar mulch, but while it's on my mind, I just have to tell you.  I'd walked with Moon and Copper and decided to stop at the mailbox.  Hold their leashes in one hand, I opened the mailbox with my left.  Reaching into the mailbox and grasping the mail, I pulled it out, resting it on my other arm..the hand holding the leashes.  Then I noticed there were hundreds of those little tiny ants crawling on my arm, my hands, the envelopes and the magazine!  Peering into the mailbox I saw a zillion scrambling around trying to save the eggs!  I quickly shut the door, brushed myself off and slapped the mail on the outside of the box.

Yep, Copper, Moon and I scurried up the gravel road and once I'd placed the dogs in the confines of the fence, I headed for the garage for Ant spray.  However, all we had on hand was Wasp and Hornet Killer.  Oh well, this ought to do the trick, I thought!  Yep I headed back down the gravel road, crossed the paved road and did the dirty deed...annihilation...abomination!  Inside the box, outside the box, the name it, I sprayed it!

  And you though I was going to simply put some of my new cedar mulch in there!!!
  Silly bloggers!!


Ann said…
I can smell the cedar mulch from here and it's scent is fabulous :)
I would have done the same thing with the ants followed by a shower for me since I would feel like they were still crawling all over me if I didn'
Ha ha JP. good one.
There is a powder than you can put around the base of your letter box ..probably some mulch also mixed in. they are horrible little things.. i use the powder when they come.
How i could do with a few bags of that lovely Cedar..the smell must be divine..
Happy gardening.
Gail said…
I would love to have yards of that mulch.
MadSnapper said…
i have always liked the aroma of cedar, even just crushing the needles and smelling them. my grandmother had a cedar closet, her house was built in 1900 and had no closets. i used to open her free standing closet and breathe it.
glad you got rid of the ants. did you know if you pour grits on an ant hill it will kill them? but not in the mailbox please
Anonymous said…
We are constantly battling ants here...I'm about ready to throw in the towel.. Cedar mulch eh? to the nursery.
TexWisGirl said…
sounds like you definitely need to put some around the mailbox post. :)
Nancy said…
I am so envious! I want a big mulch pile like yours!
Angela said…
We always seem to get a red wasp in our mailbox and a black spider of some sorts. You kill them and then another takes up residency in there after that one! lol Never have had ants and I hope to never have them.

We love cedar mulch. That is the only kind we use around our house.
Chatty Crone said…
We are having trouble with red ants in the yard! Hope you got rid of yours. sandie
LOVE that cedar mulch! Ants...not so much! The darned things did that in a huge flower pot I had with other pots stored inside. I did the same thing...with the same thing!! LOL when desperate..(and that was a desperate time for you..) anything that works will do.
Did you sort of feel like a murderer when you saw them scrambling to save their eggs.
WHAT sort of leader did they have to lead them into such a place..LOL

LOVE your blog!

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