Life, At Last

My Forget-Me-Nots DIDN'T forget me and will hopefully be everywhere next year!
Creeping Phlox

The Creeping Phlox will hopefully spread along the the upper stone wall while the Sweet Shrub (given to me by my neighbor Margaret while living in Virginia) will continue to flourish!

Sweet Shrub  

Johnny Jump Ups
Soloman's Seal

And, of course, I was so tickled to see my Johnny Jump Ups because I'd forgotten that I dug them!
Each and every variety of Astilbe seems to have adapted as well as the Soloman's Seal.

Ah,'s a great morning here in Connecicut as the rain falls gently
 on the yard that isn't (but will be)!
Today we are headed to my son's to teach him a few more "Yard FYIs" and how to use my weed eater.  Of course, that's after I make lasagne.  Yesterday went well helping my daughter unpack.  She put me in charge of her closet but that's another story coming soon!


Ours really doubled this year, so happy to see it!... yours will too...
MadSnapper said…
it has been about 30 plus years since I have seen or smelled sweet shrubs, i love those bushes and the smell.
Ann said…
how exciting see all that come up. Your yard will be looking great before you know it
TexWisGirl said…
love the johnny jump-ups! my mom grew them! :)
Best Hosting said…
Just planted some herbs to use......

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