A Mission

Several weeks ago, remember I told you that my daughter relocated to Newport.  The weekend we helped her move, she'd put me in charge of her closet.  Can you see the grimace on my face as she assigned me this arduous task?  Well...

Imagine yourself in a walk-in closet about six feet long by five feet wide, shelves on both sides above the clothes racks and then a set of shelves on your right that extend from floor to ceiling.  Directly overhead dead center is a nice attractive light fixture giving you plenty of light when you flip the wall switch.  Just imagine it.

I spent so much time in that space last week, it's etched in my mind permanently!  Arriving right on time the day we went to help my daughter and Angel move into their new place in Rhode Island, we both asked what we could do to help.  Replying quickly and emphatically (as only a manager would) my daughter said, "Mom, you've got closet detail."

How bad could it be? I thought. 
 I mean I'm great at organizational skills so why should there be any hesitation in my mind?

Now, in order for me to answer those questions, I feel that a little background is needed.  
Having her beginning in a jewelry store, my daughter has worked in retail since she was sixteen.  For the past fifteen years she has made women's retail..specifically Chicos and White House Black Market her specialty.  And she's good at it...very good.  No, she's GREAT at it!  Women call her to set up appointments to come and shop under her guidance and direction!! 

Needless to say, her wardrobe is quiet extensive, let alone expensive...well, because it has to be.  Putting my skills to work on organizing her closet was quite a challenge I'll admit.   And, although she would walk into the master bedroom toward me saying, "Mom, you're doing a fine job in there.  Keep up the good work!", it didn't take long for me to feel like I was being buried alive by clothes and accessories! 

Hmmm?  How can I describe it to you?


Lets see.

What would be a good analogy?  

It was like...

 trying Cinderella's glass slipper on the step sister with the biggest foot!

But, bottom line...mission accomplished.

Most important?

She was extremely pleased and happy with the outcome!

 It's nice to have happy children...:)JP


Hey JP, maybe we can have you help as we go through our stuff preparing for our eventual relocation to NH! It was indeed wonderful of you to help your daughter.
Ann said…
I could use an organizer in my house. I'm not moving but my house sure needs cleaned out and organized :)
I checked those links out for Chico's and White House Black Market. I about died when I saw those prices. I'm very cheap....lol
Anonymous said…
When I move I'll call you to do my closets...you'll be done in about half an hour and we can go shopping.
TexWisGirl said…
oy! my closet would have taken not 5 min. by comparison. including shoes. :)
Wow, that's a big project!
If this isn't a sign of love, then I don't know what is!! :-))) I remember when my Mom became ill and I volunteered to help clean out her closet. I found it where I got my love of clothes and shoes from!
Chatty Crone said…
I'm glad it worked out so well - sorry she has to move - you just moved there. How far is from you? sandie
EG CameraGirl said…
It's a compliment that she trusts you to do the job correctly!
Unknown said…
OMG, when you gave the dimensions I started having flashbacks to the week we helped our youngest daughter move into her new apartment. Her room, known far and wide as THE HOVEL, was about the same dimensions. My wife wouldn't let me rent a backhoe so it took us an entire week to reach the carpet. It was a VERY good thing our daughter was on a church trip to Myrtle Beach that week!

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