Small Towns

I pass by this graveyard when I head to the gym and have always admired it.   Then one day when I stopped at our Post Office (which is approximately 8 x 12) and was chatting with our postmaster, she introduced me to a gentleman who'd come in.  He lives next door to the graveyard while his son, who is the caretaker, lives on the other side!

He insisted that I stop and park in his driveway.  Thanks, Ed!

Small towns are wonderful!


JP, just curious as to whether the graveyard is a family plot or just an old cometary. In the small area we live in, there are numerous family cemeteries because back in the day when folks died in families they were buried on their land.
gld said…
I like visiting old graveyards; I don't find them sad at all and you find such interesting sayings on some of the old stones.
Anonymous said…
Wow..that looks like a really old one.
MadSnapper said…
yes they are wonderful and i would love to live in one. i like old cemetaries and this is great for memorial day.
Tracy said…
Yes, I have to agree...I grew up in a small town and loved it!
There's a small church on our road that has been there since the late 1800's and it has a cemetery that I'd like to stop and walk around in sometime--Just to see whose there--My family lived in this area about that time and I wonder if there's someone there I may know.

I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend!!
Neat place! Hey, you forgot to stop by yesterday ;-)
Inger said…
I'm glad you are happy in your new small town. It's great to meet nice and helpful people.
Ann said…
I totally agree with you, small towns are the best. When I moved to where I am 20 some years ago I was so impressed walking down the street and having total strangers say hello to me.
Chatty Crone said…
I hope you have a good Memorial weekend!

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