Transplanted & Happy

Contrary to other's opinions, the little gnome wondered what lie ahead now that he was transplanted and happy.

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MadSnapper said…
at least he has attractive shade to wait in and see what happens.
Unknown said…
Oh, we LOVE garden gnomes! My sister lives in Vienna, Austria and there are little gnomes everywhere. We bought a boy and girl gnome when we were there last summer and they sit in our house as a special reminder of our visit and her.

Does your gnome have a name? Ours our Hanzel and Gretel. :)

Happy seeing beautiful!
Oh, I do so hope the little fella lives happily ever after there.

Sweet post!!!

God bless ya and have a fantastic day sweetie!!! :o)
Mary said…
Gnomes and sometimes people, just have to wait and see, don't they? :)
Inger said…
I was wondering if that was you transplanted to Connecticut and happy. No, I don't mean the gnome, I just wondered when I read your header. It sounds like it is working out well for you guys, but I miss the hollow still.
Ann said…
well it looks like he was trasplanted into a nice spot

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