What A Deal!


Jack Frost


Ostrich Fern

My Garden Club's Plant Sale was a huge success which is great because the money raised goes to  good causes...beautification, to name one.  Anyway, in an effort to turn the yard that isn't into the yard that is, I wanted to be the first customer in line.  Arriving extra early I was surprised that there was one little woman in front of me...but only one!  That was OK though because as Kathleen and I chatted, I discovered that she too had just joined our club!

Reserving my large cardboard box to carry my plants in, I wondered if one would be enough as I looked over the wide selection.  Now remember, because I had worked doing prep the day before, I knew where each of the plants I wanted was located.  After filling the first box, I turned to Jim (one of the husbands who was helping) and asked if he would mind following me around.  He did the smart thing...he got the biggest wagon there was...and followed me from table to table!

My small contribution to "the cause" was insignificant in relation to the pleasure and joy our beautification efforts unleash.  As a Club, we maintain many, many gardens in the area as well as lend a hand when it's needed for some sprucing up.

In addition to the plants listed above, I brought home:

Frances William Hosta
Lambs Ear
Monarda (Raspberry)
Peony (Pink)
Japanese Blood Grass
Sweet Woodruff
Money Plant

Oh.  One more thing.  I also got the prettiest Violet with the darkest leaves I've ever seen...almost black.
But, as fate would have it, I cannot tell you the official name.
Copper chewed the wooden stick and now I can't read it!
No...wait...I found it on Google..

Black Labradorica Violet
I think this will be gorgeous against the beautiful sea of green in the yard that is!


Hi JP.
I envy you will all the help around to choose such lovely flowers. Here in Portugal, they dont have garden clubs. If they did, i would be the first member. Its only now that i am older i am loving more and more my garden.
Your choice of flowers are lovely. I am sure it will all look so lovely when potted and in your yard.
Happy weekend.
Oh how fun! I wish you'd plan my yard for me - I don't seem to have the magic touch. That violet is really pretty - do they come back every year?
Anonymous said…
The Jack Frost is gorgeous.
MadSnapper said…
you hit the plant pot for sure. i love that fern, i love all ferns. wish i had a money plant, need one.
Joy Tilton said…
I agree with Sandra, a money plant would be nice!!! You got a great selection, good luck with all of them. I went out this morning to get the paper and I noticed the "Hosta Sticks" are doing well... the deer have nipped off ALL the beautiful leaves. I had a pepper spray on them, guess they like spicy!
TexWisGirl said…
copper chewed the stick because it said 'labrador' on it. :)
gld said…
You chose some good plants. The violets will probably spread like crazy....mine do but I love it.

I have Jack Frost planted with lemon yellow tulips that bloom at the same time. Makes a good combo.

Happy gardening.
dr momi said…
I want a "Black Labradorica " violet :-) Very pretty!
Angela said…
Those are some beautiful plants you bought JP! I wish I knew more about what and where to plant things around here but I don't. The funny thing is that I remembered awhile back that I worked for a man whose wife was in the garden club. It was a big deal and I would have to stop what I was doing to type up things for her garden club. Now what has struck me so funny 15 years later is that I had been to their house many times. It just occurred to me 15 years later that they didn't have any plants in their house nor was their property landscaped with any flowers or plants whatsoever! lol
Ann said…
your yard is going to be gorgeous. I wish I had a knack for gardening. My yard always looks awful
Chatty Crone said…
You are going to have a heck of a beautiful yard! sandie

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